Buying colored contact lenses online?

Changing your eye color has become as easy as changing one’s clothes or jewelry these days – all thanks to modern-day ophthalmology. If you are bored of your natural eye color and want to experiment with your looks, all you have to do is wear colored contact lenses. 

It just takes a few seconds and you will be amazed at the results. This tiny pair of lenses in your eyes literally brings about a dramatic transformation in your looks. 

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These colored lenses are also called by the generic term of “cosmetic lenses”. They can be of any color desired, from light brown to peacock blue to emerald green and can be powered to any number desired. But it is up to you to choose the right type of lenses to suit you and your purse.

There are various types of cosmetic lenses. Tinted lenses are tinted to shades of different colors. These are used to tinge the eye a different color or change the depth of a color of an eye.  

Opaque lenses, on the other hand, are intended to change eye color entirely. These are so designed that they change the color of an eye by masking the underlying color completely. (For example a brown eyed person can be made to look completely blue eyed.) 

Thus the eye can be made to appear any color, or even if desired of combination of colors (for instance, brown streaked with green or blue streaked with grey). All these usually have a central clear section for the pupil and a grave color over the iris area so that the vision of the wearer is not changed. 

Then there are lenses with dot matrix prints, there are gradient tinted lens… phew, the variety of these cosmetic lenses is indeed mind-boggling. Moreover, some of these colored contacts have a UV protection filter which protects the eyes.

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Color contacts have become immensely popular and trendy and there is such a great demand that many retailers sell them online. Buying colored lenses online, especially in bulk, is a lot cheaper.

But in almost all countries, including the US, it is mandatory to get a prescription from a licensed optometrist, immaterial of whether you have any vision defects or not.

In case you do have perfect vision, you will be prescribed what is called as ‘plano’ lens. In order to purchase contacts online, you have to enter the prescription information. This is to ensure that the lenses shipped out are the right fit and of the right power so that they do not cause any problems.

Do not ever buy colored lens without a prescription or from unscrupulous sources. You will only be putting your eyes at risk.

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    There is an alternative to color coontacnts which is newcoloriris as surgery that changes eye color forever


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