Common sense

We often make use of expressions “Why, I never thought of that! Why didn’t it occur to me?”, when a person having limited resources achieves something remarkable just by exercising his/her common sense. Common sense is the one attribute that will carry mankind through all complexities of life, more than anything else. Like a delicate plant, common sense needs to be nurtured well so that it bears fruits at all times.

To develop common sense the following qualifications are indispensable:

  • Ability to grasp situation
  • Ability to concentrate the mind.
  • Keenness in perception
  • Exercising of the reasoning power.
  • Power of approximation
  • Calmness
  • Self control.

Developing these qualities will make a person see things as they are and do things as they should be done. In a layman’s language ‘common sense’ is all about “keeping the eyes and ears open.”

Many people gifted with common sense, but deprived of ordinary intelligence, have amassed a fortune. A person, however intelligent he/she may be – if he/she is not at all pragmatic and does not exercise common sense in day to day life, will not be successful. Even in things, which concern health, family, career, religion and in everyday life, it is common sense which has the upper hand over intelligence. Common sense is rightly called as the intelligence of the instinct.

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  1. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Intelligence refers to a person's potential or capacity for learning. Common sense refers to the abilities a person has in dealing with day-to-day problems and situations. It does seem sometimes that people who are considered to be highly intelligent seem lacking in everyday common sense. It's probably not true, but it does seem that way sometimes.

  2. Namrata9:02 AM

    IQ is the potential for knowledge, common sense is your ability to be realistic and observe.

  3. I would say common sense generally prevails over "raw intelligence" in most forms... as raw intelligence only gets you so far.

    I like to think of intelligence as forming the base for your creative potential, while common sense is the glue that allows you to apply that potential to life as you see it.

  4. Anonymous10:06 AM

    how to develop---only through observation, analysis and practice.
    Observe the people who are matured and wise.Study their communication, behavior and action.

  5. Sourav10:08 AM

    common sense is(comes from) the total amount of ones experiences in different conditions of life along with the sum of his observations on others lives.Wisdom will give instructions for any body how and when to use it during his life span after some real bitter experiences.

  6. Neeraj10:09 AM

    You can't obtain common sense - you should just have it already, hence the name.


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