Common cold is so very common in winter

man blowing noseMost people strongly believe that cold winter air causes colds. But research has already ascertained that there is hardly any link between cold weather and catching colds. But, then why is winter referred to as the running nose season? And why are colds so common in winter? Could be, because, people are more likspreading germsely to congregate indoors, making the spread of virus easier. Also, the cold virus thrives in low humidity.

Prevention is always better than cure. The cold causing virus enters the body through the mouth or nose and by hand-to-hand contact. It can live on objects such as pens, books, tables and crockery for several hours and can be acquired from such objects. That’s why; frequent hand washing is one of the best ways of reducing chances of picking up a winter viral infection. Also try and avoid spending too much time in the presence of people with sniffles, sneezes or coughs. If you do catch a cold or cough, then make judicious use of tissues and throw them away to stop spreading infections. Sosquiting handwashme of these herbal and home remedies might ease your coldwashing hands symptoms and even help you recover quickly.

However, it’s a myth that you should stay in bed and avoid exercise when you have an infection. So do not skip your daily dose of exercise when you have a cold. Experts recommend the ‘neck check’, as they call it, to decide whether you should exercise or not. If your symptoms are above the neck - runny or stuffy nose, sore throat, itchy eyes you can probably exercise. You should start slowly and see how you feel. If your symptoms are below the neck (muscle aches, chest pains due to incessant coughing, fevers), avoid exercises till you feel better.

Usually these minor ailments like colds or flu do not worsen to pneumonia, but some people do tend to develop secondary bacterial infections in the sinuses, ears or lungs. So if you find your symptoms lasting for too many days or becoming worse, then you should see a doctor.

Here’s a simple home remedy to stem a cold.
person inhaling fumes
2 glasses water
Few Tulsi (Basil) leaves
Few ajwain (Bishop’s weed) seeds
Boil all the ingredients and inhale the fumes. It will provide relief immediately.

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  1. Anonymous12:22 PM

    ‘neck check’- thats a new one. Thanks for the info.

  2. Happy to know that you liked the post. :)

  3. Hi Aparna:

    Thank you for sharing this valuable information with Carnival of Healing, posted at Intensive Care for the Nurturer's Soul.

    Have a healthy and blessed 2008!

    Kind Regards,

  4. These tips should help you avoid colds. I think that it is more the change in weather than actual cold air that affects coming down with a cold. I had also read that certain cold viruses are cyclical which might account for those early fall colds. This is also the time when children go back to school and are exposed to one another.

  5. Anonymous5:53 PM

    thanks for the advice I am always getting sick in the winter time maybe some of these will work for me. I know I don't get enough rest sometimes because I work the night shift and it is hard to sleep in the day time sometimes so mine is mostly from exhaustion. Maybe with more sleep and vitamins I will fight this winter flu off. Thanks again.

  6. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Eating fresh food, and avoiding fast foods are important to prevent cold and flu. In my methods to prevent cold and flu I have wrapping my body well in the cold season. To me blocking nose from cold air is important to prevent the diseases in winter

  7. Anonymous3:57 PM

    I need something like this right now. I'm suffering from a cold and I need some remedy

  8. Saroj4:00 PM

    Great tips! Thanks :)

  9. Mandakini8:20 PM

    Aniseed is another effective remedy for a hard dry cough with difficult expectoration. It breaks up the mucus. A tea made from this spice should be taken regularly for treating this condition.

  10. If you want to avoid a nasty cold this winter, go for a nice, brisk walk. Studies have shown that people who walk briskly for 45 minutes most days of the week have just half the number of sick days caused by colds or sore throats as non-exercisers.

  11. Kusuma10:10 AM

    To ease the scratchy throat and dry eyes that often accompany colds, it’s a good idea to drink plenty of water – at least eight to twelve glasses a day. Getting more fluids – not only water but fruit or vegetable juices too – will help thin mucus in your nose and chest, so you’ll feel more comfortable

  12. Madhukar9:32 AM

    Hot and spicy food also does the trick. Cook ethnic foods that contain garlic, peppers and hot sauce to help break up congestion.

  13. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Essential oil of Lemon Balm and Lavender works better than anything I have ever seen.

    Lysine has also been shown to work, but if you also use Melissa/Lemon Balm you will get better results even faster. Essential oils can pass through the cell wall and attack a virus inside of the cell.

  14. Maybe can try to boil some crushed ginger with water or boil some shallots with water to drink(at least a few times) n see if they'll help...natural n easily found in the kitchen.

  15. Kausalya4:10 PM

    Cold's are viruses and there are no cure's for viruses. Your best bet is to take antihistamines and over the counter pain killers to help with the symptoms, and give your body plenty of food, water, and rest

  16. Sudeep4:15 PM

    Try a diet change. Nutritional deficiency is really important to correct. Eat more fresh, raw vegetables and fruits. Limit or avoid meat, dairy, processed grains and sugar. Whole food supplements are great as well. Make sure you find a live-source, whole food concentrate. Some herbs and nutritional products to try: colostrum, olive leaf, nucleotides, camu camu, coriolus, and allicidin

  17. If you want to cure it fast, take 1000 mg Vit C right now with a big glass of water and do not eat anything for a day, just load up in water and stay in bed. If you have access to a health club that has a steam room, a 15 minute steam bath will help also

  18. Rajendra6:29 PM


  19. Veerendra6:40 PM

    Long very hot bath or a long hot sauna. This gives you an artificial fever which kills many sort of germs. With long I mean at least a 60 minutes bath or two times 30 minutes sauna. Do it twice a day. Make sure to clean every thing that could be infected, you bed, your clothe, your bottle...

  20. Anonymous10:33 AM

    The cold virus is self limiting. There is no convincing evidence that anything will hasten it's duration. Get rest, push fluids and take paracetamol. It will pass.

  21. Shaila10:34 AM

    Rest and fluids do help.

  22. Vishal5:33 PM

    Take some dry ginger,tulsi leaves,some black pepper and boil them in one glass of water till it becomes half. Take it when lukewarm.
    Take Vitamin C tablets two time in a day.
    In one glass of water mix half tbs of vicks vaporub,heat it till boil ,vicks will melt down.Now inhale this steam.and cover ur face.Leave it for few minutes.

  23. Ginger or mint tea. Make an entire pot and it will be a challenge, but throughout the day, try to drink the entire pot of tea. It will wash whatever you have right out of your system (ginger esp. for upset stomach)

  24. Eat lots of garlic. Try not to have dairy or it will give you more mucus. If you can get your hands on something called watermelon powder, it is the best cure for a sore throat, works overnight. Spray it onto the back of your throat before bed. Gargle warm salt water after waking up.

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