The Old, The Bold, and the New: Jewelry Trends for Autumn/Winter 2018-19

Jewelry and accessory - aren't they the same thing? Not really. Jewelry, collectively speaking, consists of personal ornaments - rings, necklaces, earrings, etc; An accessory is a part of something else - something additional, like an attachment. A single piece of jewelry can stand on its own, and can make or break a look.

Now, you probably have a few questions. Does my jewelry have to keep up with the current trend? Do they have to be expensive? Designer-made? Yes and no, no, and not always. Just like any fashion trend, there's a season for each kind of jewelry. It pays to have the trendy pieces, but it's always good to have a few of the timeless ones - pearls and colored gems, which are actually making a comeback this year.

Below are a few pieces recommended by your most trusted brands and designers for the autumn/fall season:

1. Hoop Earrings

Much like pearl earrings, hoop earrings never really left the fashion industry; they have just been revamped throughout the years. Take for example the Lele Sadoughi pair ($118) - its mixed prints can definitely spice up any outfit, and is a rather far cry from the gold hoops of the 90's that we've come to love.

But, if you want something more reminiscent of the 90's, the gold plated hoop earrings from Natasha Schweitzer ($380) is a good option.

2. Layered Necklaces(Browse collection through nihaojewelry)

Give your ears a break and highlight your collarbones with layered necklaces, this season's go-to, statement-making jewelry. Starting with coin necklaces, the layered necklace trend has become an art that our favorite fashionistas have mastered.
For the beginners, you can start by using a coin necklace as your base. Keep in mind that length is key - make sure to layer chains of different lengths to give each one a time to shine.

Talisman Coin Necklace ($ 4920, Marlo Laz)

The String Diamond and Yellow-Gold Necklace ($3197, Orit Elhanati)

Pair this chain link necklace from Child of Wild ($58) with your pendants to nail that layered necklace look.

3. Tropics, Fruits, and Animal Inspired Jewelry

This season is all about making bold statements. Be it about mixing and matching different jewelry, prints that have people looking twice, and jewelry you thought you'd only see on catwalks.

These floral earrings from Zara ($26) had us daydreaming about sipping cocktails and sunsets by the beach.

Nothing says Prada like their statement banana earrings. ($505)

This show-stopper from Bottega Veneta is worth a whopping $4600. No butterflies were harmed during the making of this necklace.

4. Signet Ring

The signet ring, making its break in 2017, is definitely making a comeback this Winter/Autumn season. The signet ring, usually consisting of a flat surface with a monogram engraved into it, is now more eye-catching and as they say, more "bedazzled".  Just take a look at these rings from Noor Fares - wouldn't you want these on your fingers?

Anja Ring

Smokey Quartz Amore Ring

This Winter/Autumn season is seeing a lot of bold statements and old trends making a comeback. Make sure you get your money's worth and head on over to It's not just about looking good, but also about feeling good.

Don't get left behind - make sure to spice up your wardrobe with this season's trendiest pieces!
(Contributed by mettew li)

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