5 Tips to Training in Mixed Martial Arts

Does your New Year resolution revolve around fitness and sports? Does it have something to do with martial arts? If so, take active measures to achieve it in 2019.
Not to demotivate you, but research shows around 45% - 80% of resolutions are given up within the first few weeks of the year. Now that we have entered 2019, it is time to keep our eyes on the prize to prevent ourselves from becoming a part of this anecdotal statistic.

Are you feeling motivated already? Good! As we have the perfect tips to help better your martial arts skills and guidelines on how you should go about it.

1) Take Baby Steps Initially

Consider your long-haul objectives and afterward separate them into smaller goals. Do you want to have the ability to perform 100 push-ups at once? You may only be able to start with 10 or 20.  Don’t push yourself too hard at the initial attempt. Start with what your body allows you to start with. If you push too hard, you may either harm yourself or lose motivation, telling yourself that you cannot achieve your goals quickly. Slow down and have a go at five additional push-ups every week, and after some time you will develop the quality and stamina to meet your objective.

You can also think about enrolling into an academy. Academies, such as those that specialize in boxing, are geared toward bettering your skills. If you are within the Mid-Atlantic States area, then you will get the best boxing classes Maryland can offer from Crazy 88, offering training proven training methodology programs.

2) Do Something You Enjoy

You dove into the world of martial arts most likely because something stood out. Therefore, it is best to excel at a craft that you love and enjoy. Find an activity you like best and work towards mastering it. Not only will you get better at it, but you will also enjoy it. Enter a few different competitions and see how martial arts are performed. You can also learn a lot through mere observation.

3) Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

Even though you should break your goals into small tasks, you should not lose sight of your long-term gain and what it can bring you. This will help you stay motivated whenever you feel down. You can set positivity reminders for yourself or look at good quotes. Doing this will help you remain headstrong.

kalaripayattu - a martial art. here using swords

4) Have a Go at Things You Don’t Enjoy

It is imperative you do things you have been avoiding because they are physically and emotionally draining. Breaking out of your comfort zone is an essential step toward mastering the skills of martial arts. So, do not be scared when it comes to overcoming obstacles because they will only turn out better for you.

5) Give Yourself Time

It is crucial to give yourself downtime for recovery because you do not want to overburden your body and end up exhausted. Be sure not to go overboard with everything since it will only slow you down or demotivate you. One way to do that is to give yourself a breather after you achieve each goal.

Mixed Martial Arts or MMA is one of the fastest growing sports in the world today. More so, because it is a tremendous way to get into great shape both strength-wise and cardio-wise. In order to do well in this sport however,you should have access to the best  MMA training available and most importantly stick to it. So are you planning to join a mixed martial arts program this year?

women and men practising karate

(Contributed by Dan)

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