Early risers more fertile than night owls?

Being a night owl is associated with a host of health risks. Recent studies have found that night owls or people who stay up late are more likely to die early compared to morning larks who rise early. But being a night owl has some advantages also. [Source] Night owls are found to be creative, smart and with better reasoning skills. They are also found to have more mental stamina than early birds.

Early risers have a distinct advantage in terms of health over the night owls.

Morning larks get pregnant easily than night owls.

A recent study has also found that women who wake up early may find it easy to get pregnant than the night owls. Researchers at the University of Warwick in a study followed the sleeping patterns of around 100 women undergoing IVF. The results, which they presented at the annual conference of the British Fertility Society showed that around 75% of the morning risers conceived while only around 33% of the night owls had conceived. The research authors believe that 'morning people' may have better chances of getting pregnant because they tend to be healthier, getting more exercise, eating better and having fewer illnesses. However since this study was conducted on a small group more research is required to substantiate this claim and hence women undergoing IVF are advised not to make any drastic changes in their sleeping habits based on this study alone.

Night owls parents have a distinct advantage over morning larks.

But night owls have one advantage as compared to early birds as far as parenthood is concerned. Usually for parents, especially for new mothers their habit of keeping late nights might prove to be be a boon. Most newborns tend to wake up every now and then at night and soothing them to sleep will be more easier for them and in tune with their circadian rhythms . On the other hand, early risers whose peak sleep time is at night will experience difficulties keeping awake at night to tend to their babies.

pregnant woman soaking sunrays

So what do you think of this study? Are you a morning person or a night owl? Did you come across anyone in your immediate family or anyone among your friends who had difficulty conceiving and did you find any link for this in their sleeping habits? Do share your views in the comments.

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