Reducing the damage of hair straighteners

Millions undergo the practice of straightening their hair each and every day, some in fact carrying on the process several times throughout the day. The idea of being able to tame curly or frizzy hair into sleek, manageable and elegant styles without the need for a hairdresser is indeed appealing, which is furthered by the fact that none of the dangerous chemicals used by professionals need to be added into the mix. However, just because the chemicals are taken out of the equation does not mean that home straightening cannot significantly damage hair, which is something that all users of straighteners should be aware of in order to limit the damage as much as possible.

Straightening irons are essentially tools which afford a temporary solution to the problem of overly wavy, curly and flyaway hair so as to keep it tamed. The irons work by altering the structure of the hair which can remain in its new form until it is exposed to moisture. Unfortunately, all such straighteners have the potential to cause damage to the hair, though this is largely avoidable if the correct measures are taken. Sadly, many do not take such considerations into account and the result can be dry, frizzy and fragile hair that becomes more and more difficult to straighten each and every time.


Hair straighteners of the past were rather poorly designed and essentially somewhat brutal to the hair, using extreme heat and primitive materials to achieve the desired effect. Needless to say, one of the very best and most important ways of preserving hair health is therefore to ensure that the very best modern straighteners are used, specifically those which draw attention to their kind characteristics. Of course, any extreme heat is always going to leave its mark on hair health, which is why it is essential to also include the use of a high quality heat protection spray or treatment.

Treatments for the protection of hair against heat are available in countless different forms, which include creams, lotions and the ever-popular sprays. While each and every example will likely look very different and boast its own unique characteristics, they all essentially work in exactly the same way – which is to add moisture to the hair in order to withstand the heat of the iron, while offering a good level of UVA protection.

Needless to say, instructions for application and use will differ greatly across the board but it is always important to remember never to get carried away and use too much of the chosen product. While it may seem logical that more product will offer more protection, overuse can lead to greasiness, matting and buildup on the scalp which can result in a variety of health complaints.

Thankfully, most modern heat protection products have come along leaps and bounds just in the same way that the irons themselves have, therefore it would be wise to opt for the most modern and refined examples to be found that display evidence of development and research.

There are also other ways to protect the overall health of the hair by using a little common sense alongside the chose preparations. For example, if it becomes noticeable that the ends of the hair are becoming more and more difficult to take, consider a minor trim rather than continual use of the irons themselves. Furthermore, using an iron on an excessively regular basis so as to tidy up the odd stray hair here and there is a hugely counterproductive practice, as it will not be long before the problem grows into something entirely less manageable.

Essentially, the very best way of promoting health hair for the long term is to undergo something of a proactive education process along the way which is far from the level of online degrees, so as to establish the very best tools and products for the job at hand. Nowadays, there are straightening irons and treatment sprays for each and every hair time imaginable – all of which offer unique compositions for the use on specific hair types. Universal treatment can be great, but those tailored to suit always offer far more.

Finally, it is essential to ensure that a generally positive set of practices are undertaken outside the straightening issue, including regular but not over-washing, the use of the very best conditioners and frequent deep-level treatments and leave-in preparations to repair damage and boost strength against future exposure.

girl using hair straightener

(Guest Post by Susan Black)

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  1. Can st-righting you hair too much be bad?

  2. Disha9:58 AM

    of course you're gonna fry your hair! It puts too much heat on it. But if you're addicted to straightening your hair, go buy those bottles that protects your hair from the heat before you straighten it or something.

  3. Jennifer9:59 AM

    If you are talking about heat straightening then you can damage the hair by over processing and burning it. The result is split ends, dryness, and lack of luster.

  4. Krystal10:00 AM

    if you maintain it with baby oil or grease or give it a protein treatment every week then it will be in good health

  5. You could buy some protective spray for your hair. I recommend the andrew collinge heat protection spray. There is also another thing you could protect your hair with while straightening: wash your hair and then put a big dollop of the tresseme thermal protection conditioner onto your hair. It protects your hair from just frying away.

  6. it will just dry your hair to the point it starts breaking off. its like taking an iron to your skin. pls stop doing it, it will ruin your hair! there is an alternative called yuko straightening or something like that. its in the more posher salons and straightens your hair without all the damage,

  7. Anonymous10:03 AM

    Too much heat on your hair like that is bad. I know because my hair started to get really dried out 4 a while and wouldn't grow. So i just stopped straightening it for a long time and it went back to being healthy and long again. So try not to do it as much as possible. And the best place to get it straightened is the salon cuz they hav the good equipment and hair cremes and stuff. Be careful

  8. you can frie your hair you should stop straightening it for a week ans\d then you can start again you will notice a difference

  9. Fatima10:05 AM

    Your hair won't be very healthy, and you will eventually fry it, plus it will look and feel very dry.

  10. It can ruin your hair.
    you'll just get a whole bunch of split ends
    you just have to condition it well

  11. Anything can damage curly hair. I recently had my hair cut and the girl asked if I would like to wear my hair straight. I have said over and over again it's okay to blow my hair dry occasionally but she used the forbidden flat iron which destroys the curl. The last hair dresser did the same thing. Usually I can condition it enough to cover up the damage but my is refusing to behave. I wouldn't dream of using a chemical straighteners. The best way to treat your hair is with a good cut that simple to take care of. It you don't have a good cut nothing else will really matter.


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