6 Cosmetics That Aren’t What They Used to Be

Cosmetics have come a long way, to put it mildly! As standards of beauty have evolved, so have the various ways to attain that beauty. This list will detail six ways that cosmetics have changed over the years.

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Once upon a time, bronzer was a product used to brighten up the face and make you look a little tanner. Now, however, it has an entirely new function. While some people still use bronzer in the classic style on occasion, it has become much more popularly used for contouring—and if you haven't heard about contouring, get out from under the rock you're living under and Google Kim Kardashian! Bronzer is a product that has gone from tanning people to providing makeup plastic surgery.


Braces used to be a lot clunkier and frequently required massive headgear. Now, thankfully, they usually only cover teeth and are a lot less noticeable. Not to mention that today’s braces are a lot less painful than the original wires that they shoved in your mouth! Some cosmetic dentists, like those at the Art of Dentistry Institute, even offer braces that are invisible. Braces wouldn't be nearly as popular as they are today if fifteen year-olds had to walk around with headgear to have straight teeth.


In simpler times, concealer was just used to cover blemishes like zits or wrinkles. Now concealer comes in different colors that allow you to cover up redness or discoloration better than ever before! Twenty-first century advancements have given us such a wide range of tones and colors of concealer that we can match out skin tone perfectly! Goodbye blemishes! I get a "Hallelujah" for concealers that cover up dark black under eye circles?


There was a time when moisturizer wasn't such a staple in beauty regimens, but that time has long passed. Now, the popular guideline is to moisturize skin twice a day, but that’s not just to look good. Dermatologists will even recommend moisturizer to keep skin healthy and happy. Today, there’s a massive market for the best and most luxurious moisturizers. What used to be an optional step has quickly become a daily requirement.

Foot Care

Ladies, we do get to choose from an incredible selection of beautiful footwear, don't we? But we all know there is nothing worse than having dry, cracked feet. And who has time to whittle away at the dead skin with a pumice stone? That is why foot scrubs are such life savers! Just scrub for a minute or so, rinse it off, and no more dead skin! So much easier and, in my opinion, an actual miracle.


Did you know that eyeliner started in Egypt? They used to wear it because the iron in it would help keep pests away. Compare that to now, when we have eyeliner in about fifty forms and can even go swimming without eyeliner coming off! Shoutout to ancient Egyptians for giving us the original eyeliner!

Cosmetic products never stop changing, but don’t be afraid of becoming out of date or out of fashion. Whatever you use, make it your own. Confidence is one cosmetic that will never be out of date.

(Contributed by Marlena)

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