6 Gorgeous Fashion Statements for Winter

Winter weather can sometimes get in the way of one's fashion sensibilities. The colder weather forces women to shift from stylish layers to functional ones. Slim silhouettes are disrupted by puffy parkas. Scarves and hats put a damper on makeup and hair styling. Here are some fresh looks to keep the winter blues at bay.

6 Gorgeous Fashion Statements for Winter

Retro Jumpsuits  

For the past few years, jumpsuits have been positioned oddly on the fashion landscape. Celebrities would wear them on the red carpet, and style critics would almost universally pan the look. The resurgence of '70s styles has resulted in adjustments to jumpsuits, making them more flattering on a wider range of body types. Flared legs and halter necklines are very kind to proportions. Jumpsuits give women a way to wear pants during colder weather without sacrificing drama and femininity.

Sweater Dresses  

Out of all of the items that brands are promoting this season, sweater dresses are the most universally appealing. Unlike their summer sisters, t-shirt dresses, sweater dresses are not too casual for work or a night out. They look great with textured leggings, and they are elevated to full formality by a great pair of heels.

Slip Dresses  

Managing layers is one of the trickiest parts of looking stylish during winter. It can be managed by wearing a slip dress as the foundation of an outfit. A slinky, fitted dress with lace along the bottom edge wears perfectly under a boyfriend cardigan or a heavy coat. Drive home the '90s vibe by wearing a slip dress with aggressively androgynous chunky boots.

Infinity Scarves

Scarves are a given in the winter, but it's all about infinity scarves this year. Sometimes called snoods, these scarves are worn around the neck like a necklace and are looped around for extra snugness. The long scarves of fall are bohemian, but infinity scarves give the wearer a crisp, preppy look.

Fur Coats  

Faux fur coats in all styles are currently having a moment, but over-sized, dramatic ones are the best of the bunch. Like Cookie on Empire, cool girls are opting for fur coats in long shags that are full around the shoulders. This is an attention-grabbing look, perfect for holiday parties.

UGG Boots  

As all trend pieces eventually do, UGG boots have returned. They are as comfortable as ever, and new styles sport details like buttons and fabric uppers. Use a coupon code for UGG Australia and recapture your love for these sheepskin boots.

This winter's hottest items are a good mix of chic and extravagant. Combine pieces from both categories for a look that is naturally balanced and, most importantly, comfortable.

woman wearing stylish wnter wear

(Contributed by Lizzie Weakley)

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