How To Do Your Makeup This Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and everyone is thrilled. This time of the year is all about giving and receiving, as well as spending it with your loved ones. You've probably outdone yourself with picking out the right gifts for your friends and family. On top of that don't forget to add all the constant cooking and baking, as well as cleaning and tidying off the house. In this mayhem it is easy to forget about yourself, and that is why we advise you to splurge and pamper, just a little. Get to your Christmas party as stylish as never before, and look your best with the right makeup. In this article, we will teach you how to look glam with beautiful & long-lasting results.

Top 6 Beauty Tips For Long Lasting Christmas Makeup

woman looking glamorous & beautiful at a christmas party with the right makeup


1. Primer + Foundation

In order for your makeup to survive the whole night it needs to be applied the right way. In the morning layer some radiance boosting primer with your fingers. Don't forget your eye area, as well as those little pores around the nose. Let it all sink in and move onto your foundation. Use the kind that suits your skin type the best. For instance, if your skin is oily use a mattifying foundation. If your skin is dry use illuminating foundations. Apply 4 pumps onto your entire face with either a brush or a sponge until you are satisfied with the outcome. Make sure you also cover your neck and ear area.

2. Set It

Don't forget a lot of translucent powder. Wearing a full face for 8+ hours is challenging, and you should have it all set in place. Use a round brush and push the product deep into the skin. Set the entire face, including your neck. However, don't contour your face, and don't apply a lot of a bronzer. Embrace your pale skin tone this year and finish up the whole look with a bit of a blush. Use a peachy or pink illuminating shade and warm up the apples of your cheeks. These shades are the best for the winter season.

3. Eyeshadow

Since Christmas is all about bright colors, make sure you step up your shadow game. Play with some pinks, corals or even red glitters over your entire eyelid. In the crease area you can apply some brown shadows or neutral beige options. It is essential to have at least 4 brushes (2 blending brushes, one flat synthetic to pack the color, and a smudger to define the outer corners). You can also smudge out your lower lash line with brown shadows and add a pop of white shimmery color underneath your brow bone and in the inner corner of your eye.

4. Eyelashes

If you want longevity and you don't want to think too much about your makeup you should go with permanent eyelash extensions. These are an ideal solution because they can't smudge, move, fall out, or even break during your festivities. Say bye to your mascaras, eyeliners, lash curlers, as well as fake lashes because these will replace everything! Lash extensions can be customized per your preference and will last you for 4 weeks. This means that you will look glam during the entire month of December. Since lash extensions are voluminous and fluffy, they will give out an illusion of a fuller lash line, which will create an eyeliner effect. You will only need to focus your time on blending the shadow, while you won't need any layers of mascara to finish off the eye look.

5. Eyebrows

Keep your brows simple and clean. Make sure you groom them once a week so that you don't have a lot of work during the Christmas. Simply fill them in with a bit of a brow powder and define the inner and outer portion. You can also seal the deal with some tinted or clear brow gel. This tool will keep your brows in place and will protect them from any wind or heavy snow exposure.
Tip: Make sure you use a lot of waterproof products. Due to poor weather conditions that are quite often in December you should have a lot of mattifying solutions.

6. Lips

Lastly, you should never forget the statement lip color. If you are brave enough finish up the look with a red lip. You can also play it safe and reach for some nude colors, or even go bolder and do plumps or burgundies. Either way, make sure you outline the corners of your lips with a lip liner since this will define them and make them look juicier than they are. Throughout the middle you should apply either a satin, matte, or liquid lipstick, based on your preference. If you need longevity stick with matte. However, if your lips are chapped or sensitive go for satin finishes.

woman wearing red lipstick looking upwards

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