Why eye-make up is a make-or-break factor while you get ready?

Lipstick? Check! Foundation? Check! Blush? Check! 

And what about eye makeup?
Well, let’s face it! A lot of women like to wear effortless makeup, which makes them feel more confident than ever. However, a lot of women go stingy on their eye makeup. They don’t even bother if their eyeliner is lined perfectly or if that mascara is right. And that’s where they commit the cardinal sin of makeup- they don’t use eye-makeup judiciously.

Often when we talk about makeup, we talk about everything from the perfect lipstick to the most amazing hair-do. What happens is that we may leave out the importance of great eye makeup. Your eyes can make quite the impression on people and we don’t want you to have a clumsy look
The truth is that eye makeup, when worn regularly and properly can actually make your look. And if doesn’t have to be very dramatic or very subtle. You can choose to do it in a way that appeals to you the best. But irrespective of how much makeup you want to apply on your eyes, you should ensure that it’s done correctly. Because eyes are small and significant, anything wrong with them would instantly pop out. So, buy Kajal online that is tested for quality and doesn’t smudge so that your eye makeup can last long.

Remember girls, the best way to attract attention when you walk into a room full of strangers (or even friends and acquaintances) is to have beautiful eyes.
To get foolproof enchanting eye makeup that works every time, try these tips,
·         Start with an eye primer. This is an optional step, but a thin layer of primer can smooth your skin and ensure that the eye shadow lasts longer. If you don’t want to use primer, use a good moisturizer to soothe your skin, reduce puffiness keep it soft. Otherwise, use primer to smoothen your skin.
·         Next, even out the skin tone around the eyes. You might want to use a concealer to ensure that the veins are covered. Use fingers or a brush to blend the concealer. Buy Makeup Products Online that suit your skin tone so that you don’t appear a shade darker or lighter on your eyes.
·         When that’s done, apply a light color on the brow bone. This will highlight the area. Apply a slightly darker color on the crease. Now, blend the colors.
·         Next, apply eyeliner. You can use a liquid eyeliner or a liner pencil for this purpose. Complement it with a Kajal in black or a different color. When applying eyeliner, move across your upper lash using controlled and tiny strokes- just like drawing a line.
·         Then curl your lashes. Use clamps and hold them for about five seconds. Make sure that you curl your lashes before applying mascara and never after.
·         The next step is to apply the mascara. Start with the base of upper lashes before moving ahead. You can do multiple coats as well.
·         And just like that, you are done!
Have any queries about eye makeup? Please comment below.
(Contributed by Sumity)

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