Spring Break Travel Essentials

Spring break is by far one of the most exciting events during the year, so it is no wonder there are so many Hollywood films on this topic. There is more to preparing for spring break than the regular old ‘ready, set, go’ procedure, and before you even think of getting on that plane (car, bus, train), you should make a detailed list of your travel essentials. No time for that sort of things, you say? Do not worry, we have got you covered. Here is your guide on how to pack all the things you will need during those couple of days of crazy parties, beach and new friends.

Packing light is a spring-break rule everyone knows, but packing versatile is the one people usually forget. And by versatile, we mean different styles, evening and daytime clothes and some cover-ups and sweatshirts for chillier weather (spring can be deceiving). Some of the clothing pieces you will most definitely need are:
·         A pair of jeans shorts,
·         A pair of jeans,
·         Safari shorts,
·         White goes-with-everything t-shirt,
·         Several cotton shirts,
·         Maxi skirt,
·         Maxi dress,
·         Patterned mini or midi dress,
·         Black trousers,
·         Fancy top,
·         Jumpsuit,
·         Sweatshirt,
·         Tights
·         Fancy pajamas,
·         Cotton shorts,
·         Fitted blazer, and
·         Denim jacket.

Beach Essentials
You will probably spend most of your time on the beach or by the pool, so you have to consider packing more than one trendy swimsuit (in different styles: one piece, fringed, crochet, high waist, etc.), sunglasses, beach cover-ups, pareos, floppy sunhats, striking flip flops, stylish large beach bag, Instagram-worthy beach towel and a sunscreen with at least 30 SPF.

Source: http://youqueen.com/beauty/6-travel-beauty-hacks/
Accessories and Shoes
Make room in your suitcase for some striking spring-loving accessories and several pairs of shoes for different occasions. You will need a daytime patterned purse and a nighttime glittery clutch, but also some other useful travel accessories, such as backpack, passport wallet, travel bag, luggage tag, travel pouch set, camera bag, etc. Do not forget to pack some conspicuous jewelry, such as statement necklace and colorful bracelets. As for the shoes, flats will be your best friends, both sandals and ballet shoes, but you should also pack a pair of sensible walking shoes for hikes and platform sandals for evenings.
Skin Care and Beauty
Is bad hair day, or even worse, bad skin day allowed during spring break? No, not a chance. So, equip yourself with all the needed products to prevent these scenarios from ever happening. For skin care pack a nourishing body lotion, good alcohol-free cleanser, makeup remover, and lip balm and moisturizer with SPF. As for the makeup, pack waterproof mascara, BB cream or light foundation, coral lipstick or lip gloss, eye shadow (in brown, beige and cream shades for nude smoky eyes) and waterproof mascara. To avoid bad hair day, carry shampoo, dry shampoo, leave-on conditioner, spray for heat protection and several bobby pins and headbands so you could braid your hair– boho style.
Last, but not the least, the most important travel essential for a fun and enjoyable spring break are great friends. No matter where your destination is, if you do not enjoy the company of the people with you, not even Hawaii will be able to help you with that.
(Contributed by Emma Watson)

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  1. I love this list. But how about a first-aid kit, a water bottle, etc.? I think these stuff are more relevant than being fashionable while traveling.


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