Spring Break Guide: Beauty & Style

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Are you ready for spring break? If not, what are you waiting for? Just as New York Fashion Week is a place to flaunt for models that is spring break for all the “normal” girls. It is the time to show off your unique style and shine amongst hundreds of other girls. Assuming you have already booked your flight, made plans with your friends and scooped out the nightlife, all you have left is to pack your bags. It is not as simple as it sounds though. You have to think ahead to know which clothes you will be wearing, what kind of weather can you expect, and, of course, make your beauty checklist. So, can we start doing all that now?

The Spring Breaker Style
We all know that spring break packing is simple calculation of what you will wear and when, and how on earth will you pack everything in one carry-on… First, you have to keep in mind that for those couple of days you will spend most of your time on the sun and beach, and thus the majority of clothes you carry with you should be fun, relaxed and lightweight.
  • Under the sun: You will need at least one easy-to-throw on flirty dress for walk, lunch or shopping. Opt for bright colors (not neon) or pastels. Especially popular shades this year are Pantone’s Rose Quartz and Serenity. We are assuming that you will spend a lot of time by the ocean, so discover which latest women’s swimwear trends you like the most (monokini, bikini, fringes, long top, high waist, etc.) and bring at least two trendy and stylish swimsuits. Bathing suit cover-ups are all the rage this year, so find some room for them in your suitcase. Other essential items you will need are cute jean shorts, flannel shirt, cotton t-shirts, maxi skirt, maxi dress, stylish beach bag, striking flip flops, floppy sun hat and conspicuous sunglasses.

  • Under the moon: As for the evening looks, make sure you are not overdressed, after all, spring break is all about relaxing and having fun. Always opt for effortlessly chic looks, such as LBD with striking jewelry or a patterned maxi dress, denim shorts, cotton tank, playsuit, fitted denim jacket, and flat sandals.
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Beauty Essentials and Tips
It is truth that inner beauty counts the most, but we are sure that you would freaked out if you would forgot your mascara and if every spring break day is a bad hair day.
  • First, let us go through your beauty essentials checklist. You will need to pack body wipes, dry shampoo (yes, sometimes you will not have the time to freshen up your hair after the beach), nourishing body lotion, funky nail polish, sunscreen, deodorant, waterproof mascara, makeup palette, spray that protects your hair from the heat, perfume, and a moisturizing cream.

  • Beauty tips: There are no flashy hairstyles on spring break. Deal with that fact and opt for the ever popular boho appearance. Naturally wavy hair is the simplest look you can pull off. If you want to complicate things a bit, than braid your hair. Some of the popular hairstyles are still ombre and balayage. As for the makeup, aim for more natural look, with coral lipstick and nude smoky eyes. One of the most striking spring break beauty trends are temporary tattoos. So use this opportunity to rock metallic temporary tattoos instead of jewelry.
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So, now that you have packed your bags, all that is left for you to do is to get started with your adventure in Puerto Vallarta, Copacabana, Havana, Miami Beach, or wherever it is you are going. Bon voyage!

(Contributed by Peter Minkoff)

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