March 9, 2016

Does exercising increase your hunger pangs?

When I was trying to shed a few kilos that I had put on a few years ago, I found that exercise alone cannot help. One must follow some diet restrictions and cut calories in order to lose weight. I lost up to 7 kilos within a period of 6 months by this method, which was not bad at all.

But in no ways this means that if you exercise more, you will feel more hungry. Exercise does not increase your hunger pangs and make you eat more. On the contrary it's calorie restriction that can make you want to eat more, at least this is what is evident from the study conducted by scientists at Loughborough University. Excerpts:

Where an energy (calorie) deficit was achieved by food restriction, participants showed increased levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin and lower levels of a hunger suppressing hormone peptide YY. They also ate almost a third more at a buffet meal compared with another occasion when the same energy deficit was created via exercise.

Dr Stensel, a Reader in Exercise Metabolism in Loughborough's School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, said: "Our findings provide a valuable contribution to the diet and exercise debate. We've shown that exercise does not make you hungrier or encourage you to eat more -- at least not in the hours immediately following it.
I concur with the results of this study. While it's true that I achieved weight loss due to a combination of exercise and calorie restriction, I have personally found out that I'm not particularly hungry even after a few hours of a moderately taxing yoga regimen or a strenuous workout. It's only when I haven't eaten well that I feel particularly ravenous during the next meal; and this usually happened on the day when I didn't exercise.

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