Know More Ways to Hold Clutches that Suits Your Attire

There are many choices available for carrying clutch bags, and, therefore, one may ponder on the most appropriate ways to carry them. So, how do you really carry a clutch bag with elegance and style, not to forget with comfort too? And, most importantly, in what manner should one hold a clutch bag that compliments the whole attire of the event?

Here, in this article, we will provide you with some handy tips for holding clutches that will suit your outfit as well.

Casual attire
If you are using a clutch bag on a daily basis, and there is literally no occasion that you are expected to be at then wearing a cross body way is an ideal way to wear a trendy clutch. What you are wearing is a casual outfit then a cross body clutch will just be good to show that you are balancing your work and personal life in the best possible manner, without worrying too much about how your clutch really looks.

Business attire
If you are prepping up for a formal business meeting, then a grip, but not necessarily an iron grip, on the handle of your clutch bag will be the most rightful way of holding the purse. Holding the grip of the purse will make you look like someone in control and has the confidence to feel proud. So, next time, when you are up for a meeting, get a grip on the handle of the clutch bag.

Ordinary attire
Even if you have nothing planned in your diary, and you are just casually strolling around in the downtown wearing your favorite t-shirt and jeans, a compact small package clutch would be just ideal. The compact size of the clutch bag will allow you to carry all your basic essentials in something so small. You will find many designer bags and purses that will add a charm to the overall daytime look of yours. And, importantly, it will also suffice your need to keep items safely in the bag.

A formal evening event
It is imperative to choose the most appropriate clutch and evening bag for a scheduled formal event. The trendy clutch and evening bag should complement the overall outfit by balancing the aesthetics and functionality aspects of the bag. Firstly, an evening bag should be small in size; rectangular and boxed sized bags are pretty common shapes for clutch and evening bags for women who prefer to keep things classy and elegant. It is advisable to pick a clutch bag that has a sturdy strap to it because a strapless bag will keep your hand busy for the whole of the evening.

There are many designers who make excellent clutch bags with wonderful straps and handles that the wearer may slip on the shoulders when needed. A short detachable shoulder strap would be perfect for a clean overall look for the evening.

Accessorizing an outfit is incredibly crucial to create a desired look for any particular event. Wearing the right clutch purse in the right manner that suits your attire will speak volumes about you. And, so, it is a good idea to do your own research and choose the right way to wear these beautiful clutch bags in style.

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Author Bio:
Sloane Beck is a fashion blogger by interest and a creative designer by profession. She lives and breathes fashion which reflects in her brand – AlysseSterling, a line of stylish women clutches. “Live, laugh, and let your style be expressed” is her motto for life.

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