Patanjali Herbal Sindoor / Teeka- Review

Most married Hindu women follow this custom of wearing the sindoor in their hair parting. (Do read the article "Hair Parting in beauty culture".) In the South Indian community that I belong to, this isn't really a compulsory ritual.

And as such I do not wear sindoor on a daily basis, nor have I tried different brands of sindoor, either in powder form or in liquid form.

I just happened to visit a Patanjali store to buy some of their products like their aloe vera juice and aloe gel which are really good and chanced upon this Patanjali Herbal Suhag Teeka and bought it on an impulse.

What it claims:

Herbal Suhag Teeka - No Smudge. Restraint to perspiration. Water Proof Sindoor with extract of Rakt Chandan, Manjistha and Kesar.

Patanjali sindoor teeka
Patanjali sindoor teeka 2

Complete Ingredient list: 

Castor oil, Wheat germ oil, Rakt Chandan / Red sandalwood, China Rose & Extracts of Amaldi, Manjishta, Haldi / Turmeric & Kesar. All this in a cream base with natural waxes, vegetable oil, Vitamin E and permitted color.


Useful in revitalizing the scalp, provides soft & smooth scalp.

Directions for use: 

Gently apply in the straight parting of the scalp and on forehead.

Price : INR 75/-
Patanjali sindoor teeka 3 Patanjali sindoor teeka 4 patanjali sindoor teeka in hand 


It comes in stick form in a lipstick kind of a tube and as you can see the packaging is ordinary but is quite sturdy and hence  no problems to carry it with you while travelling. Available in only one shade: maroon.

patanjali sindoor teeka swatch 2 

My experience with Patanjali Herbal Sindoor or Teeka:

As you can see from the swatches, the color is quite intense and pigmented. Though it claims that it is smudge proof and resistant to perspiration, I had a different experience.

But then I have a combination skin with oily T-zone and I sweat profusely on the face and the forehead as well, especially when the weather is hot. And as I did apply it when the climate was really hot and humid, it smudged and faded away within 2 hours.

But for others who don't have such a sweating problem, it may stay longer. But for me, I guess I have to reapply it after every 2 hours. Maybe in winters it may work for me and stay put for many more hours.

However I have to admit that even makeup hardly stays on my face for more than 2 hours and it's too much to expect that this particular sindoor or any other teeka for that matter could manage to stay without smudging.

So just based on my experience I wouldn't conclude that it's really a drawback of this sindoor.


  • Goodness of several Herbal Ingredients. 
  • Non Allergic. No itching or any sort of allergic reaction on the area of application. 
  • Travel-Friendly
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to wash. 


  • Not smudge proof or water proof especially for those who sweat profusely.
  • Available only in maroon shade. 


Overall it's a good sindoor for regular users. I can't really compare it with the sindoors of other brands as I haven't tried any. While my sweating problem did make it fade away soon, that doesn't mean that it's not a good product. Do try it and you may like it.

Buy Patanjali Herbal Suhag Teeka from Amazon in India.

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