Be mindful to be stress-free

Daily chores such as dish-washing / cleaning and sometimes cooking  are so boring that we often look for ways to postpone these chores till the end of the day. But did you know that doing boring, repetitive monotonous tasks can be less boring and stressful if you do them mindfully?

Researchers at Florida State University recruited 51 students to engage in mindful dishwashing. Each washed 18 dishes clean.

woman doing dishes

Those who performed mindful dishwashing were found to have achieved 'greater state mindfulness, increases in elements of positive affect, eg inspiration, decreases in nervousness and over-estimations of dishwashing time'. Feelings of nervousness decreased by 27 per cent in those who mindfully washed their dishes, while inspiration increased by 25 per cent in the same group. Read more about it here.

It's also very true  that if you cook with consciousness and care, you'll find that cooking isn't as boring as it seems.   You'll find it therapeutic and  enjoy doing it. Also  you'll see that the food turns out to be very tasty. On the other hand, when you cook. paying little attention or with your thoughts occupied elsewhere, you'll not experience a feel-good factor at the end of the chore and the resulting dish also turns out to be so-so.

You'll notice this whenever you are trying  a new recipe, because you are usually very careful and pay utmost attention during preparation or in other words you are cooking it mindfully. However in case of your regular dishes, you hardly pay any attention and go about it monotonously and feel bored and stressed at the end of it.

So stop that lackadaisical attitude and procrastination under the pretext of boredom. Do not put off monotonous and repetitive tasks. Instead do them mindfully savouring each moment and relishing your daily experiences. Thus, not only will your tasks be well-performed but you'll be carefree and relaxed at the end of it.

woman stress-free

The key to a stress-free life is mindfulness in all the activities that we do.

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  1. Reema4:08 PM

    1. Keep yourself busy. Keep your mind occupied. Write a blog post or step out of the house and do something productive
    2. Think good, positive thoughts. – Trust me, this works! Only if you think positive, you will feel positive.
    3.Keep negative thoughts away. – True, there are times when we feel hopeless and worthless. Don’t let it get to you. You are special and don’t ever forget that.
    4. Give time for your hobbies – Play the guitar, paint, sing your heart out and just dance!
    5. Exercise daily and meditate – a healthy body makes way for a healthy mind and soul.
    6. Meet your friends – old and new. Friends can make you feel good. A great company will lift your spirits too

  2. Medini4:10 PM

    o enjoy life is a great thing actually. It not only makes you healthy both physically and mentally, but it also attracts like-minded people and wonderful things into your life that will make your life even more enjoyable.

    So instead of thinking of what you lack or feeling bad about things that happen in your life, try to have fun and enjoy every moment of your life for your mindset defines what you are going to get or experience in life.

  3. it's better to meditate every day

  4. Manasa5:25 PM

    99% of the things we worry about never happen. Worrying is a waste of your imagination.

    Exercise at least 4 times a week.

    Eliminate all dysfunctional relationships from your life.

    Eat a healthy diet.

    Give yourself permission to do nothing by engaging in guilty pleasures (whatever that means to you).

    Organize your paperwork with a filing system.

    Pay bills with the automatic payment feature, if available. Opt for paperless statements (less mail/paper work)

    Learn to say "No". People will still like you.

  5. Madhuri2:41 PM

    When stress takes over, it can really throw you for a loop. Stop anxious feelings before they happen with these 10 helpful tips and tricks. They'll help you feel calm, cool, collected, and happy all day long.
    Wake up earlier,Get to yoga:,Listen to music:,Exercise often:,Keep peppermint close,Stop procrastinating:,Start meditating,Write it down:,Keep things clean,go to bed early


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