7 ways to grow thick and long eyelashes

Long and beautiful eyelashes are the most striking part of anyone’s beauty. Can you imagine applying eye make up without emphasizing on your eyelashes? Despite the color and shape of the eye, beautiful lashes give an intense and dramatic look to your face. Every single time you use artificial options such as mascaras or lash extensions to accentuate your eyes, you end up destroying the quality of your natural lashes. So, why not find the right techniques to grow eyelashes naturally? Check out the best ways to grow long eyelashes. Also, find out why you must buy Careprost online.

thick eyelashes

1. Natural oils

Moisturizers such as natural oils serve as the best way to grow eyelashes. You can mix pure olive and organic castor oil and apply it gently to your eyelashes before going to bed. For convenient application, dip any mascara brush into the oil and lightly stroke it over the lashes. Let it stay overnight and clean it off the next morning. For better results, apply it every day. It promotes the development of long eyelashes.

2. Green Tea

How often have you seen people sipping on green tea? You would be surprised to know that it not only helps in weight loss but also has healing properties that boost the eyelash growth.
Boil green tea and let it cool down swipe. Then soak a cotton ball in green tea to conveniently apply it to your lashes. As it contains flavonoids and caffeine, it maintains the health of your existing lashes and also stimulates the growth of the new ones.

3. Eat Healthy

Diet plays an essential role in maintaining weight, enhancing health, and keeping illnesses at bay. Apart from these it also serves as a natural beauty remedy. While trying different home remedies to grow long eyelashes, you must also have a balanced diet. All the hair follicles of our body are made up of proteins. So include a lot of protein in your diet by having soy, eggs, meat, and fish. Also, increase your consumption of leafy veggies like spinach and fruits such as apples and guavas.

4. Massage your eyelids

You may often get a head or body massage done to relax your muscles and nerves. So, why should you forget to pamper your eyelashes? By gently massaging your eyelids, you can boost the growth of your lashes. A massage can increase the blood circulation, thus making your lashes grow longer and thicker. Ensure the massage is soothing and not distressing.

5. Vaseline

Using petroleum jelly is one of the age-old methods to grow eyelashes. It provides conditioning and moisturizing for lashes that are dry and brittle. Its healing properties help the skin around the eyelids to stay soft and supple. Take a clean mascara applicator brush and dip it in Vaseline. It tends to clump on the front of the brush. Hence, you can spread it evenly down the brush by using a damp paper towel. Now gently run this brush on your lashes and leave it overnight. Do this daily to get visible results.

6. Brush eyelashes

How can someone brush their eyelashes with a mascara wand? Thankfully, there is a special type of comb available to brush your eyelashes. If you comb it regularly, you can notice visible results. Make sure you gently wash them every day before going to bed. Dab them with a paper towel. Starting from the base to the tips of the lashes, comb them gently. Brushing stimulates blood circulation and helps grow long eyelashes.

7. Careprost

You can grow long lashes by Careprost too. Careprost is a Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution that helps in lengthening the eyelashes. You can buy Careprost (Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution) online and start using it right away. First begin with washing your face to get rid of dirt and make up. Put a single drop of Careprost on an eye liner cartridge or application brush and then gently draw a line above the upper eyelid. Wipe off the excess liquid that rolls down on your face. Repeat the same procedure on the other eye as well. Wash the brush and place it in a dirt-free container. Results can be seen within four weeks of use, although it usually takes 12 to 16 weeks to achieve the desired effects.

Eyelash maintenance is little time-consuming but is worth the effort. When you can go out of your way to care for your skin, you should do it for your eyelashes too? By simply following the above-given tips you can get long eyelashes.

(Contributed by Manisha)

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  1. Apply vitamin E oil to your eyelashes to stimulate growth

  2. Diana5:12 PM

    Use Latisse. It's the only approved drug for eyelash growth. It's availible by prescription only though, and is kinda expensive. It takes about 8-12 weeks for full results. You apply it to your lashline like eyeliner every day.

  3. Nidhi5:13 PM

    home treatment-daily apply olive oil to ur both upper & lower lashes at night and wash away in morning(atleast for a month).or apply first transparent and then blak mascara.


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