Your Inner Fountain of Youth: How to Keep Yourself Looking Young and Beautiful

Maintaining youthful vitality and energy is the biggest step in keeping yourself looking young and beautiful. The principles that keep you healthy internally also help you look younger externally.

Your Inner Fountain of Youth How to Keep Yourself Looking Young and Beautiful(1)

Everyday Things to Do to Maintain Youth and Beauty Skin shows the first signs of aging. It needs to be protected. Skin loses elasticity as we age. Wrinkles set in. Stress, slouching, squinting, weight gain and sun exposure also cause wrinkles.

Wear protective clothing or sunscreen to prevent overexposure to the sun and skin cancer. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Water flushes out toxins and replenishes the skin. Replace soda, tea, and coffee with water. Wash your face with a soft washcloth. Scrubbing your face is not good for a youthful appearance.

Worry lines are not a myth. Fear, anxiety, and stress cause signs of aging. Smiling, completely changes your attitude. A smile is much better to look at than a face with a frown. Happiness is a path to better health. Laugh often and loud. Laughter makes you feel alive. Carve time out for yourself each day. The body and mind benefit by one or two twenty-minute meditations each day.

Body image is part of feeling beautiful. Healthy body weight maintenance is good for the skin. Losing and gaining weight causes the skin to sag and expand.

Acting young promotes beauty. Couples keep a youthful lifestyle by maintaining intimacy. Because people are living longer, they are not ready to rule out sexual activity after turning 50. They realize discontinuing other things besides sex is not necessary just because they are getting older. By doing things that promote inner youth, outer beauty shines through, and they feel good about themselves.

Seeking Professional Help in Youth and Beauty Maintenance
View the body as a single unit rather than a combination of little things. Focus on the unit’s overall wellness. There are places such as Vitality Natural Wellness and Medspa that offer non-surgical cosmetic services such as a natural hormone replacement and nutritional therapy. Taking care of your body helps you feel better, look younger, and lead a vibrant, full life.

Natural hormone replacement therapy increases energy and aids in combating fatigue, weight loss, headaches, osteoporosis, menopausal symptoms, and PMS. Men also benefit from hormone optimization. Hormones balance testosterone and improve libido. Athletes notice an elevation in performance.
Nutritional therapy is a means of feeding anti-oxidants, minerals, and vitamins to the body by infusion or IV therapy. The nutrients help numerous health concerns by correcting intercellular deficiencies.

With all of these things in place, you are beautiful, balanced, and complete. When signs of aging become noticeable try the suggestions given here to switch up your routine and highlight your best feature-YOU!

(Contributed by Lizzie Weakley)

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  1. if you are young at heart you will never get old. laugh often and smile. don't take everything seriously.

  2. You will never grow old as long as you are young at heart. I still enjoy those things which I enjoyed at my teen age and most of those things I still do : ) ....

    For example: Playing same sports like swimming, badminton, trekking, tennis and at times football (with only one addition of Golf), still enjoy camping and traveling...

    And a secret of going back to teen age every now and then is that I still have kept intact my same old group of (5) friends of my teen age that I would hang with... and believe me, when we get-to-gather (approx. every month), we all literally go back to teen age and for a moment it seems we have gone back to those times.

  3. Doing what you LOVE keeps you young regardless of avocation. Eating right, getting plenty of rest, exercising, meditation and/or prayer, getting rid of stress (as much as possible) and a positive attitude and outlook on life can help/assist a person in being their best. Genetics is another factor too.

  4. Being young at heart - keeps me young?

    Looking on the bright side of life - loving
    and laughing with family and friends.

  5. PRAMODA5:36 PM

    ANTIOXIDANTS!!! Like colorful fruits and vegetables.
    But to stay young, it's a combination of things.

    Eat as much fruit and vegetables as you can
    Always wear sunscreen
    Obviously, stay clear of things like cigarettes, alcohol, etc.
    Get enough sleep.

    Seriously, I love staying up to date with new scientific studies about health and these are the 5 that ALWAYS come up.


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