Tips and techniques for curling eyelashes at home

Having long thick eyelashes is a dream come true for any girl. However, even if you are not naturally lucky to have long lashes you can still work on getting them.

There are many tips that can be followed in order to get long, thick lashes.
  • Using castor oil or olive oil on your lashes can help them grow fuller.
  • A healthy diet is essential; make sure you are consuming all the vitamins and minerals required for healthy hair.
  • You can buy eyelash serums from the market for eyelash growth as well.
  • Keep your eyes clean; remove the makeup as soon as possible to avoid the lashes from breaking.

Having beautiful thick and long eyelashes is no doubt fabulous but there is something else that women want from their lashes, and that is to curl them. Curled lashes enhance the beauty of the eyes if done properly. However, before attempting to curl your eyelashes you need to know how to do it. There are few points that should be kept in mind
  • You should apply the shadow and the eyeliner prior to curling the lashes. Let the eye makeup dry and then curl the lashes, and after curling the lashes apply the mascara. Do not implement the mascara before curling the eyelash as that can result in the breakage
  • Make sure that your eyes are dry before curling them
  • You should always use the curler on clean eyes.
The most fundamental and obvious thing that is required for eyelash curling is the eyelash curler itself. There are more or less three to four types of eyelash curlers in the market. There is a compact curler; it is suitable for beginners, it is made of plastic and can be easily carried in your bag. Another type is the heated wand curler; it is good for stubborn lashes that are short and hard. Classical metal clamp curler is the most commonly used curler. Metal curler with spring, it is gentler to the eyes than the traditional metal curler. You need to figure out which type of curler works best for you and use that kind.

 Tips for using eyelash curler
  • Make sure that the eyes are clean. Start at the base, all the lashes should be inside the curler before you close it. Gently bend the lashes and hold for about 3 seconds. Make sure that the skin does not get trapped in the curler. If you feel a tug on your skin, let go of the curler at once.
  • After curling the lashes apply the mascara starting from the middle all the way to the tip, this will separate the lashes giving them a longer look.
Eyelash secrets for beginners
Vaseline is another product that can help you grow your lashes thicker. Women who are new to the eyelash curling should know that keeping their eyes clean can help in getting stronger lashes. After curling the eyelashes and applying the mascara using a leash, the brush can be helpful. It will not only separate the lashes from each other but will also remove extra mascara from the eyes.

Curling the eyelashes without the eyelash curler
Let’s say you don’t have an eyelash curler with you but you need to curl still them. Is there a way to do that? The answer is yes. Here are a few tips on how to curl you lashes without a curler;
  • Rub your fingers together, so they are a little warm; now hold your lashes upwards with the tips of your fingers for 3 minutes. Now apply mascara from root to the tips to hold the curl in place.
  • The same process can be done by applying the mascara first and then using the fingers to hold the lashes up.
  • You can also use the palm of your hands in the same way after warming them.
  • Another option is to use the concave part of a clean spoon. Hold the spoon under hot water and then bend your lashes upwards with the help of the spoon. Make sure the spoon is not too hot. Apply the mascara and use a lash brush while the mascara is still wet to separate the lashes.
Side effects

There are no side effects of using an eyelash curler if used properly. However, you need to be a little careful to avoid damage to the eyes, as well as the lashes. While using the curler make sure that the skin is not clamped in the curler. Do not ever apply the mascara prior to using the curler, as it will result in the breakage of the lashes. Make sure your eyes are clean before using the curler. Clean the curler before applying it. If you are using a spoon for the purpose, make sure the spoon is not too hot.

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