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 For as long as I can recollect (basically since I knew the alphabet by heart), I have been fascinated by braided hairdos. I remember during my early childhood, my mom used to braid my long tresses every day, and I’d plead her to add new and interesting variations to it each time. Along the years, my liking towards the world of beauty and fashion grew stronger, and I began embracing newer trends and styles. One thing that remained unchanged, however, was my love for braids. The fact that they exude femininity and class along with being so versatile make them a favorite among global trendsetters. This season, especially, braids ruled the ramps of New York, Milan and Paris and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Here are the top five braided hairstyles that you must try (and no, you don’t need the skills of a trained hairstylist to perfect them):

1.    Braided Parting – If there’s any hairstyle that truly spells ethereal and delicate, it’s this! Inspired by Giamba’s Spring 2015 fashion show, adding a braided parting to a half up, half down hairdo makes for a gorgeous (and effortless) wedding hairstyle with a bohemian touch. This is also the perfect hairstyle to sport at a dinner date with your beau, and I guarantee that he wouldn’t stop complimenting you!

How to do it:
•    Create a middle parting in your hair
•    Twist one layer of your hair from the left side and pin it to the center
•    Now, twist another layer of your hair from the right side of your hair and tuck it under the first layer
•    Secure the half up, half down hairstyle with bobby pins
•    Now, take three strands of your hair closest to your hairline
•    Twist them once and then again divide them into three sections
•    Braid them and rest them on your middle parting
•    Secure the braid with bobby pins

2.    Crown Braid – At the Grammy’s this year, Iggy Azalea made news because of her braided crown. Though there are mixed opinions about her audacious hairstyle, one thing that’s certain is that it’s surely left its mark in Tinseltown! You can add a slightly more dainty and Grecian twist to this hairdo while you make people wonder how long you’ve spent at the salon. Only you and I know the real story! *winks*

How to do it:

•    Part your hair into three sections
•    Braid the front section of your hair and secure it with a band. Repeat with the opposite section
•    Join both braids in the middle of back section and secure them with a band
•    Now, make a low bun with the back section of your hair and secure it with bobby pins

3.    Messy Side Braid – Among the slick and sharp braids that are making rounds this season, messy side braids stand out for all the right reasons. This hairstyle symbolizes effortless style without you having to compromise on your chic quotient. You can sport it with casual jeans and tee or even with a flowy summer dress. Regardless of whatever you choose, you will still be the head turner wherever you go! This hairdo looks great on long hair too.

How to do it:
•    If your hair is naturally wavy, you can start off without much to do. If you have straight hair, you can use a curling iron to add light curls to your hair
•    Gather your tresses to one side and braid them up loosely
•    Leave a few strands loose to add to the drama of the look

4.    Classic Braid With A Color Pop – If you’re someone who likes standing out in a crowd and think that braids are too mainstream for your liking, this hairstyle might break your notion. Marco de Vincenzo’s show at the Milan Fashion Week told us exactly how! The models had their hair braided into long fishtail braids along with of pink, blue, and yellow undertones. Simple, yet so much fun! A hint of color is just what you need to work your look this season.

How to do it:
•    Pin up colorful hair extensions (or ribbons) in the mid-section of your hair (the part where you start braiding your hair).
•    Braid your hair in a classic braid or a fishtail braid, depending on your liking
•    Secure the braid with a band

5.    Rope Braid – This look is my absolute favorite! It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to do and works beautifully for almost any occasion (or non-occasion)! Though designer Donna Karen’s models worked slightly complicated rope braids for her Spring 2015 show, you needn't go into so much detailing and intricacy. Try these easy directions to promise you a hairstyle that won’t leave you disappointed.

How to do it:
•    Work some high shine spray on your hair and ponytail it
•    Divide your hair into two sections, and twirl one section over the other, step by step
•    Secure the ends with a band
I’m sure you’re as enthusiastic to try these fun braided hairdos as I was. Watch people whisper and wonder as you strut around sporting these pretty hairstyles. Do let me know how the look turned out!

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