Dressing up Neutrals: How to Wear Neutral Colors without Feeling Boring

For a while now, neutral colors have been worn to job interviews, work or for any other occasion when a person wants to be inconspicuous or subtle in some way. Women who wore them have been considered humble and even boring. Today, we seem to aspire to wear everything in bright colors or to add a pop of color to every outfit, and use neutrals only for some basic pieces. But, we are mistaken in many things about neutrals; neutral color clothing doesn’t always have to look uneventful. Here, we’ll give you a short guide on how to wear neutrals and still look chic, stylish and fashionable.

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Minimalistic chic
Creating an outfit around a certain color palette is giving your look a touch of Parisian chic. Certainly you wouldn’t be able to do that with, let’s say, pink. Neutrals are the best way of creating a cohesive lady-like look. By combining different shades of the same neutral (brown, for instance) you are giving your outfit some dynamics. If the clothing has interesting vintage cut, you have even more to gain. Don’t be worried about the fact your accessories are neutral too, you can choose some different colors from the same family. You can add a pop of color with one more neutral – pastel. By mixing a few different neutrals, such as black, grey and white, you are creating a look filled with subtle elegance that will, without screamingly vivid colors, attract views and sighs.

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Fierce in neutrals
As we usually connect neutral clothing with a business woman, shouldn’t we observe them as a sign of a strong independent women, ready to turn tables inside the men’s world? So, wearing some bold neutral pieces, such as pants inspired by man’s tailored trousers is actually a reflection of courage and struggle, rather than humbleness and boringness. From long pants to capris ladies are walking fiercely in men’s pants and boy, those pants are made for walking all over them. Adding a pair of heels, not to lose your femininity when sporting this style, is a must. An ordinary plane t-shirt fitting to your body shape will make this combination more tied together and ultra-fashionable.

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Fun cut
It’s quite easy to compensate the uniformity of neutrals, by opting for clothing pieces with some fun and unusual cut. Today, that is really easy, as many boutiques have rich yet affordable offering of fashionable and extraordinary cut out clothes, whether you shop for cheap maternity clothes or an outfit for a party night. From irregularly cut out shorts to diagonally tailored skirts, your possibilities are unlimited. There is no need for bright and vivid colors, when your clothes’ cut is telling a million languages. A shirt dress falling gently to your knees in the form of a triangle will definitely be an attention-grabbing sight, without bold and conspicuous accessories.

It’s not that hard to learn to wear and love neutrals once you get used to the fact that there are other ways of making your outfit fun, besides colors and jewelry. The minimalistic elegance you have to gain by learning how to wear these colors is worthy of the initial effort.

(Contributed by Kelly)

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