Makeup That You’re Probably Doing Wrong

Ever seen someone’s makeup and go, “What the heck was she (or he!)thinking?” Seen older pictures of yourself and thought, “oh no! I really overdid that.” Well don’t worry. People make mistakes, I’ve done it many times – yes me, the cosmetologist.

So I thought, why not make a list of things so you know what to avoid doing? A little something to help you dodge a beautician’s bullet. Let’s get going!

Primer is of prime importance!
The first step, before you put anything on your face - yes even foundation - is to use a primer. Many make the mistake of skipping primer, which you shouldn’t do. Without primer, your makeup is more likely to slide off or fade away. It can make your foundation appear rough and flaky, and it might even make your face look oily.

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Primer helps to smoothen the pores of your skin, so that when you actually apply the make- up, it melds well on the canvas that is your face. You can use a primer like the e.l.f Studio Hydrating Face Primer that acts as a moisturizer as well.  It definitely helps the original effect of your makeup last longer. So remember, keep a primer handy in your makeup kit.

Build a strong foundation
No, I am not saying cake that sponge and rub it all over your face. The problem is too many women choose the wrong shade of foundation for their face. It ends up being in stark contrast to the rest of their body. The point of foundation is to create a base that you can apply make - up smoothly on. But that doesn’t mean it has to look like you’re wearing a mask. While at the store, pick the foundation that is closest to your skin color - not one shade lighter and not one shade darker. A good tip is to match it to the color of your chest and neck.

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Embellished eyebrows
No, no, no, no, no! Overdoing your eyebrows can be disastrous. It’s great if you want to define them, but don’t take a pencil to your forehead and go nuts. Remember, you can get creative if you want to make the brows look fuller – use a shade of blush or eyebrow pencil that matches your natural hair color. But please! Go easy with the pencil strokes as you don’t want to make your eyebrows look like they belong on Star Trek.

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Overuse of blush
Oh such a common mistake. Wrong shade of blush and often so overdone. Remember, blush is supposed to give your face a natural flush.Pick peachy or corally colors like one of my favorites – NARS Sex Appeal or Orgasm. They’re perfect for a light – medium skin tone. Keep it subtle and blend, blend, blend! Make sure the blush is blended from the cheekbones all the way back to your ears. It’s also a good idea to leave a little room on your cheek that doesn’t have any blush on it.

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Don’t make people want to conceal your concealer
Been tired and have bags under your eyes? Well pay attention, because if you want to conceal them – don’t use a concealer! Just kidding. Use a concealer but make sure it’s ONLY one or two shades lighter than your skin. A healthy salmon shade helps to conceal greenish-blue areas. You can find a sizeable selection of concealed in many professional makeup palettes from ELF. Again, remember the goal is to make the makeup look as natural as possible. Blend concealer towards your temples and into your skin to look as natural as possible.

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Too messy hair is too messy
It’s not just the face you can make slip-ups with. That’s why they say hair and makeup together right? Having the messy haired look is in these days. But where’s the line between tousled and ‘is that a rat’s nest?’ Teasing/backcombing hair is a great way to give it volume. It can look amazing if you get it right. But don’t stop at just teasing because you’re not done yet. Sober up the effect by pinning or setting some locks in place. That way you get the sexy ‘just woke up’ look without giving off the ‘I haven’t brushed my hair in 2 weeks’ vibe.

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So now you’re aware of blunders you can avoid making and I hope you’ve learned from some of my mistakes!
(Contributed by Evelyn)

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  1. Jyoti5:15 PM

    i thinks its really wrong for kid under 12 wearing make-up. As you get older the more you may have to put on. But what really bothers me is when young/ and or beautiful girls cover there face in make-up when it truly make them no sooo pretty.

  2. Medini5:17 PM

    Wearing make-up isnt wrong at all in my opinion!
    Some people use it as a face clogger but for some, like myself,
    it is an expression of creativity and style.
    Its the best thing ever.
    And i believe that it is fine for teenagers to wear it.
    As long as it is taken off properly at night before bed :)

  3. You should use mineral makeup as it gives you a natural, even, flawless look. I use everyday minerals and it's fantastic! It's made from all natural minerals and contains spf 15 in it. It won't irritate or make your skin break out and it stays on long enough until you decide when to wash it off. It's a 100% gurantee or your money back!


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