Banana Stem For Good Health

Traditional dishes with banana stems have become rare these days. And it's good that many bloggers are keeping a record of these recipes by putting it up on their blogs.

People living in cities and staying in multi-storeyed flats can hardly grow a banana plant in their vicinity. But people staying in  small towns and villages do grow them in their backyards.

But even in these places, the preparation of such traditional dishes is fast disappearing as people these days are preferring to eat unhealthy packed and processed stuff.

banana tree
Now we all know the benefits of eating bananas and also their use in homemade beauty aids. But few know about the benefits of eating banana stem or having it in juice form.

The availability of banana stem may be a problem in some places but those who grow these trees in their garden can always try to use them in their diet.

Once the tree has borne the fruits,  the stem is cut off. Instead of discarding it as a waste you can use it in your diet.

Some others may discard it  due to sheer laziness though it's available to them easily, the reason being that cleaning and cutting it is a time-consuming process.

While  others may discard it because they do not like its taste.  However considering the immense benefits of banana stem which will be mentioned later, you should avoid tossing it away.

It's an acquired taste and you can make the dishes more palatable by using your creativity. Banana stem can be cooked or if it's tender can be consumed in raw form as salads or raitas.

banana stem

After getting a banana stem, peel all the outer layers until you can peel no more.

Now cut these into round pieces and store them in water to which 4--5 tbsp of buttermilk is added. This is done to avoid discoloration of the pieces.

You can even store in the fridge in the same way, but change the diluted buttermilk once in three days or so.

Banana stem dishes are most commonly prepared in South India.It's called Bale Dindu in Kannada and Vazhai Thandu / Valaithandu in Tamil.


Benefits of banana stem

Highly nutritious

Just like the fruit, banana stem is also rich in potassium and vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 helps in production of haemoglobin and insulin.


For constipation - it's good for pregnant women too!

Since banana stem is a good source of fibre, it acts as a good laxative and can keep constipation at bay. However if you are consuming it in juice form, do not strain the juice but have it along with the residue.

It can even be used by pregnant women suffering from constipation. However, do consume it in moderation. It's wonderful to have it once in a while as stir fry, kootu, poriyal, usli etc. But do not consume too much of it during pregnancy.


For weight loss

Banana stem is highly recommended for those who wish to lose their weight quickly. Of course, this should be combined with exercise and keeping a watch on the other foods also.

Being full of fibre, it will keep you satiated or a long time and thus reduces your food intake. It's best to consume as side dishes, sabzis or palyas / pullais. But you can have it in juice form too.

But as mentioned before try to have it without straining. Vazhai Thandu Paruppu Usili is one of the tasty plantain stem dishes from Tamil Nadu. Thor chapper, Thor Ghonto, Thor Chenchki, Thorer Kofta curry, Thor bhaja are some banana stem dishes that are consumed in West Bengal.


Banana stem with buttermilk for weight-loss

A simple but popular juice made with banana stem is to combine the shreddings of banana stem with some buttermilk and grind it in a mixer until smooth.

Remove it. Do not stain; just dilute it with some more buttermilk with a pinch of black salt and have it.

Having this juice on an empty stomach supposedly helps with weight-reduction.


Banana stem juice with ginger for weight loss

Combine banana stem shreddings with 1 tsp of finely chopped ginger and grind it in the mixer along with some water to a smooth paste. Transfer the paste into a glass, add some more water to dilute it, a pinch of black salt or saindhav salt to dilute it and have it.

Vazhai Thandu or ValaiThandu juice or plaintain stem juice commonly prepared in Tamil Nadu

Take around 1/4 cup of banana stem pieces. Add 1/2 cup of yogurt and 1 tsp of roasted cumin seed (jeera) powder and 1/2 tsp of pepper powder and grind it in a mixer. Transfer it to a glass, add thinned buttermilk or water with a pinch of salt, preferably black salt and have it.

For acidity and burning sensation

The above mentioned banana juice with buttermilk can also be used for stomach ulcers, burning sensation in the chest and for hyperacidity as well.


For diabetes

It has low glycemic index and is very filling and hence good for diabetic patients as well.


For kidney stones

Banana stem is said to be a diuretic and helps detoxify the body. Those who have kidney stones should have it twice a week in their diet. Having it on a regular basis also prevents the occurrence of kidney and gall bladder stones.


Good for Immune system

Banana stem helps fight infection and boosts your immunity.


Helps in UTI

Having it also prevents and treats Urinary tract infections.

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  1. The fiber in banana stem helps to cure constipation and detoxify the body.

  2. Srilata5:19 PM

    Banana stem is also good taken as a juice or soup which helps eliminate and treat kidney stone

  3. Prabha5:23 PM

    .Banana stem juice is useful in weight reduction,kidney stones,hyper acidity.Any person can take this juice to maintain good health

  4. Karuna3:02 PM

    Though banana is a popular fruit and vegetable, the goodness of banana stem and banana flower is not known to many

    1. Banana stem juice in empty stomach is good for kidney stone

  5. banana stem is very good for kidney stone.

  6. I am a Naturopathic practitioner. I use to take 95%Raw food. I eat Banana Stem dish weekly 3-4 days. The preparation is as follows. 100gm grated (cubical) Banana stem + 25gm Moong Dal (Soaked in water for 3 hrs.)+ 100gm grated coconut + 1/2 Lemon juice. (If you want you can add salt,Green chillis, Coriander leaves and season with Mustard seeds and a pinch of Asafoetida)


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