A Few Do’s and Don’ts to Keep Your Hair Healthy

With so much stress and tension people are deteriorating their health immensely. They suffer from various diseases like diabetes, blood pressure etc. Hair problems too grow from stress and tension. Doctors have also said that increased stress many a times leads to hair loss and baldness. There are few do’s and don’ts listed below, which will definitely help you to keep your hair healthy and safe.

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Do's & Don'ts To Keep Your Hair Healthy

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Do eat healthy food

The food you intake plays a vital role in your hair growth. Make sure that you take healthy diet. Lack of iron and vitamin B may be the main cause of your hair loss. So in order to avoid hairfall eat food which is rich in those contents. You can also eat Gooseberry or drink its juice to keep your hair in good health.

Do not wear caps or hats to cover your hairfall or baldness

People cover their heads with hats and caps in order to conceal their hairfall or baldness. Avoid the over use of caps as they might stress your hair even more and could result in increased hair loss.

Do wash your hair twice a week

Neither over-do washing nor under-do it. Wash your hair twice a week so that they are free from dirt. This will also protect your hair from dandruff to occur. Thus timely wash of hair is essential. On the other hand if you are washing them very frequently, the scalp might become excessively dry and itchy.

Don’t tie or brush your wet hair

You might be in a hurry and getting late for the office. That doesn’t means that your hair will suffer of you being late. Tying or brushing your wet hair will make them weak. With wet hair all you can do is brush the tips instead of the roots. Wait till the time they dry of and then go ahead for brushing and various other hairdos.

Do give a regular oil massage to your hair

For superior quality hair and good hair growth it is advised by many practitioners that you should oil your hair at least twice a week. This will help your hair to strengthen and shine even more brightly.

Don’t use too much of hair creams and styling tools

Stick with the natural look of your hair. Avoid using hair gels and various other creams on your hair. You may look good after applying them but in the long run they might result into various hair problems. Same goes with the hair styling equipment like curling rod, straightening iron, dryer etc. excessive usage of any of these gadgets may harm your hair in the upcoming years.

Do clean your brushes and combs from time to time

Maintain the cleanliness among the hair styling tools. Don’t exchange the used hair brush with anyone. Clean your brushes and combs from time to time in order to avoid any kind of infection to occur in your scalp. Use HairMax LaserComb which is the only device proven to prevent and reverse hair loss.

Above mentioned are few ways through which you can protect your hair and enhance their growth. Avoid the usage of chemicals and prefer to nourish them naturally.

So what other tips do you follow for maintenance of your hair? Do share in the comments.

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  1. get it trimmed an inch or two so it will grow better
    put lots of coconut or olive oil in your hair and scalp
    then use shampoo and conditioner and wash it out
    once you are done use very little oil in your hair
    also eat lots of fruits , veggies, protein, and calcium
    doing these thing will keep your hair ( and you) healthy

  2. Eat protein foods like eggs, nuts (meat if you can) since hair is made from it, massage your scalp every night and drink enough water a day. You can take vitamin E supplements for healthy skin, hair and nails or vitamin B12 which is important for hair growth.

  3. Savitri10:02 AM

    drink lots of water and have proteins and vitamins. trim it once in two months at least. be careful with it when it is wet. the way you style ur hair is also important .minimize usage of chemicals.it will show when your hair is healthy

  4. Sarita10:04 AM

    Do not wash hair every day, only wash it 2-3 times a week. Daily washing strips the hair of natural oils. To avoid an oily appearance, rub a dry shampoo into your scalp. Blast your hair with cold water at the end of a shower, which will seal the cuticle and make your hair more shiny.

  5. Do condition regularly
    Do use hot oil treatment every 6 weeks
    Do trim it 1/4 inch every six weeks.
    Do comb it while it is dry to make sure you get all the loose, dead hair out of your head

    Dont brush it...ever! only comb.
    Dont comb while its wet
    Dont wear in a pony tail every day or anyother things that can break or damage it
    Dont blow dry or straighten or curl it...AVOID heat products

  6. Nivedita10:11 AM

    . Never attack wet hair with a brush, no matter how rushed for time you are. Tangles in wet hair are best removed with a wide-toothed comb. Use a wooden comb if you can find one; it won't generate static electricity. Excessive blow-drying can damage hair in the long-term, making it brittle and causing split ends. If you can, let your hair dry naturally, then brush into place.

  7. Shreya12:34 AM

    The Best solution is to do nail rubbing for 5-10 mins a day. It will make your hair healthier and lustrous than even before. Try it. it really works


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