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Have you ever wondered what the best way is to make your breasts look fascinating? If you have, you have probably come across numerous sites, giving you dozens of untrustworthy tips. However, there IS a way to do that, but it depends on numerous factors, such as the size of your breasts or your shape. Taking into account all these aspects, you will be satisfied with your breasts. Here are some basic tips that will help you do that.

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Have realistic expectations
Many women with small breasts fool themselves, wanting to believe that there is a completely natural method that will enlarge their boobs forever. Well, there isn’t. The first step towards achieving your perfect looks is to accept your body as it is.

Although many people advocate that drinking birth control pills will make your boobs larger, you shouldn’t believe it for every woman reacts differently in them. Like you probably know, such pills influence your hormones a lot, which will definitely affect your looks. For example, they could make your boobs bigger, but at the same time, you could also gain weight. Therefore, if there is a REAL reason for taking birth control pills, that’s all right, but you shouldn’t take them for the aforementioned reasons.

Once you realize that there is no natural way that will make your breasts big, you need to see if you are satisfied with your body or not. If you consider that your boobs are too big or too small, which makes you extremely uncomfortable in your own skin, you should consider plastic surgery. For instance, breast augmentation or reduction will make you feel more satisfied and confident.

Pay attention to your posture
Did you know that your posture influences your overall looks, especially your boobs? That is why you should try standing up straight, holding your head up, as well as pushing your shoulders back and your chest out. This method will definitely make your boobs perkier and your body slimmer.

Mind how you sleep
The next thing that has a huge impact on the looks of your breasts is your sleeping posture. Did you know that women who sleep on their side or stomach tend to develop breast wrinkles faster? Therefore, if you want tight breasts, you should try sleeping on your back.

Work out regularly
Working out, you will definitely feel healthier and sexier. Apart from tightening your entire body, you will also tighten your breasts. There are numerous breast-firming exercises and you should try them out.

Find your perfect bra
Finding the bra that will suit you perfectly is a key to your perfect looks. Selecting your bra is not that easy, there are numerous dos and don’ts you need to respect.

For example, many girls think that the choosing smaller bra sizes will make their boobs larger. Well, that’s extremely foolish and unhealthy. After a while, you will feel terrible pain that will make you uncomfortable. Also, many women with small breasts try stuffing their bras or even wear two of them, which could end up with an embarrassing experience. You don’t want one of the socks from your bra to be seen, while wearing two bras is very painful.

When you want to choose your perfect bra, you need to take your size into consideration first. Then, pick a model you like most. For example, there are various amazing bras that will shape your entire silhouette perfectly, such as padded, push-up and supportive ones.

Apply makeup
Another amazing idea that will make your breasts perfectly shaped is applying a little make up. All you have to do is to add a little bronzer around your cleavage in order to create a visual illusion. This is great for both, women with small and large breasts.

Either you have small or large boobs; these tips will help you make them simply impressive.

Sophie is a Sydney based lifestyle blogger. She’s also a crafty girl who loves all kind of home-decorating tasks.

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