Six Tips to Get Your Boyfriend to Improve His Hygiene

Dating a new person often causes anxiety and raised expectations. You may wonder if your date will consider you smart enough, funny enough, or attractive enough to continue spending time with.

However, some of these anxieties have a bigger impact than others, depending on a number of factors.One such common factor is gender.

For example, while women may spend more time "primping" for a new date, men may actually let hygiene go once they feel comfortable enough.

6 tips to improving BF hygeine
Most women are flattered when a man feels comfortable enough to be himself. Unfortunately, when "being himself" means being sloppy, a woman may feel cheated and as if her partner no longer cares to look his best for her.

This can lead to a breakdown in the relationship because the woman may wonder if hygienic lacks will lead to her partner cutting other corners. Yet, men hate being nagged about anything or feeling as if their efforts are disrespected. Therefore, here are six subtle, but effective ways to get your boyfriend to clean up his act.

Make the Extra Effort, Too  

Ladies, it's natural to ask, "Why should I dress up or waste time on hair and makeup when he doesn't care?" Yet, as counterproductive as it sounds, seeing you look your best can indeed inspire your boyfriend to do it, too.

Drop subtle hints, like asking what his favorite colors are and wearing outfits that make use of them. Try a new hairstyle or use a little extra of the signature scent he likes.

Even if you're going on a casual date, primp first. Go for a short-sleeved polo or women's golf shirt rather than a tank top. Use lip gloss with SPF and a touch of shimmer.

Dress up jeans and a T-shirt with a chunky statement necklace. The more you sparkle, the more he will want to match you.

Pucker Up

Many women find lack of oral hygiene a particular turnoff. For example, from 2013-2014, the Dear Prudence column from Slate has carried at least two letters from women who complain, "I can't kiss my husband anymore because his breath stinks" or, "My husband hasn't seen a dentist in sixteen years."

Of course, most men don't let their oral issues get that extreme, but many struggle with the health of their teeth and mouths. For example, men who smoke, chew, or dip tobacco may find their significant others turning away when it's time to kiss.

The same is true for men who simply aren't in the habit of brushing three times a day, or flossing at all. Women, to eradicate this problem, make it clear that you want more physical contact.

It can be as simple as a sweet, deep kiss during a cuddling session. Also, use your own mints or spray. Your man should see the discrepancy between his mouth and yours and want to improve.

Also, note that some men may eschew oral hygiene because of dental phobias. Dental care used to be far less gentle and more invasive than it is today.

Older men in particular may have dental demons to fight. If this is the case, offer to accompany your husband for a checkup and any ensuing procedures.

Search for a dentist who is well-versed in treating the phobic and knows the benefits and drawbacks of various sedation techniques.

Your significant other may need professional help to conquer his fear; if so, offer your support as much as you can.

Get Down and Dirty

Some men may shy away from hygiene because they consider anything beyond the basics to be unnecessary primping. For example, they may think that shaving facial hair for a girlfriend is allowing her to have more control than she should.

Men may also feel pressure to constantly impress their dates by dressing up and acting formal. Ladies, you can help with this by assuring your boyfriend that not every date has to involve a fancy activity. In fact, go out of your way to set up an ultra-casual date.

Perhaps getting dirty could even be part of the point of the activity. Try taking him to a paintball course or allowing him to take you for a ride on his four-wheeler or ATV. This also works for indoor dates; you can take a pottery class or cook a deliciously messy dish together.

Relaxed, messy dates may take the pressure off and make your man more willing to clean up nicely when the time arises.

Stay on the Scent  

One of the downsides of a boyfriend who doesn't pay attention to hygiene is that he smells. On the other hand, women enjoy men who are pleasant to the nose.

If your boyfriend uses cologne or other scents, even if occasionally, make a point of complimenting him. You can also suggest scents that you think would work well for him, especially if you're shopping for perfume or makeup at the same time.

This way, he won't feel singled out. Finally, remember that men are often more comfortable with "natural" aromas such as wood, pine, or earth. Mention these and what they mean to you. For instance, a man who smells slightly of wood works hard with his hands, which is an admirable trait.

Be a Little Sneaky  

Again, hygiene isn't something a man likes to be nagged about. However, if the ideas outlined above don't give him the hint, you may need to be slightly more direct.

The good news is, you can do this while still making him feel good about his appearance. When you go shopping for yourself, slip a button-down or golf shirt in with your purchases.

Then, when he reaches for the same worn T-shirt before you go out, suggest the new clothing instead. Say something like, "I thought of you as soon as I saw this; it really makes your eyes pop." You can do the same thing with colognes or soaps.

If his teeth are a problem, buy some new toothpaste or a whitening kit. Tell your boyfriend you'd like to try whitening and ask if he's game.

Tell the Truth

If none of the above work, you may have to come out and express yourself. Don't hit him over the head with, "You stink and dress like a hobo." Instead, say, "I've noticed you seem to be letting yourself go. Why? Is there something I can help you with?"

More than likely, you'll find out he's trying to show he's comfortable with you or feels anxious around you. If that's the case, reassurance of your love and support should help, as can some of the other suggestions outlined above.

However, you may find out your boyfriend is dealing with depression or another health problem. If so, encourage him to seek medical and psychological help. You may even offer to attend appointments or sessions together.

Getting your boyfriend to improve his hygiene is a tricky issue, especially since men may resent being told they need to clean up. However, with tips like these, you can help your significant other feel better about himself, and better about making an extra effort for you and your relationship.

Information provided by Parkland Mall Dental Centre, a Red Deer cosmetic dental clinic.

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