Hospital Lifts/ Elevators a hotbed of germs?

Now we all have heard of kitchen, computer keyboards, cellphones, restaurant menus etc. harboring more germs than toilet seats. But most of us have never given a thought about the germs lurking on the elevator buttons in a hospital. A Toronto study has found that the prevalence of germs in lifts was 61% as compared to 43% bacteria colonisation on toilet handles and flushes. The researchers  have put forward the idea of enlarging elevator buttons to allow for elbow activation or installing touchless proximity sensors. Read more about it here.
elevator buttons in a hospital

So if you have been doing the rounds of a hospital lately beware! And if you have to use the hospital elevator never forget to wash your hands with soap and water, which is one of the best ways to keep your hands germ-free. In the absence of soap and water, you can always rely on the good old hand sanitizer in your purse!

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