Carve a permanent smile into an otherwise angry face by "Smile Lipt"

South Korea has been an international pioneer for human improvement through plastic surgery for decades. The country has constantly struggled to pave away the road to double-eyelid surgery, calf reductions, dimple injections, and jaw surgery, just to name a few. Apparently, they're looking to take things to the next level and use plastic surgery to alter the appearance of emotion.

Famous interventions like Botox - which are included in the non-invasive standard - have dealt with women's frown lines and furrowed brows for years. Annually, new techniques are being discovered in the hopes of offering better results for an extended period of time. A new procedure is conquering the market though, and it combines two words: "lip" and "lift". It implies turning the corners of one's mouth, and it could be seen as an artificial version of what Scottish thugs call "Glasgow grin".

New surgical procedure carves the perfect smile on people's faces

New surgical procedure, developed in South Korea, claims it can carve the perfect smile on people's face - on both men and women. The inspiration came from Scotland and it implies lifting the corners of people's mouths. The end result would imply a better, more beautiful smile. The method was developed by Aone Plastic Surgery, a company that was clever enough to patent it, too. For just $2,000, this wonder procedure transforms completely a person's face. Ideal for individuals with a natural angry face, this lip lift is meant to modify the shape of the mouth and make it look better, more pleasant. Everyone around you will think you're smiling all the time, when you're actually just being you. 

Introducing the "Smile Lipt" surgery
The official name of the lip lift developed by the South Korean plastic surgery company is " Smile Lipt" surgery. Here are some facts you might like to know prior to choosing it:
  • With the Smile Lipt surgery, the corners of one's mouth are lifted upward
  • Only a really small part of the lip will be lifted, so patients won't have to worry that their gums will be shown
  • The method is considered extremely simple and efficient
  • The end result will be smiling lips - which means the patient will have an extremely elegant face

Basically, the Smile Lip intervention will help gummy smiles grin less gummily. It's not just for people with naturally-looking sad or angry lips, but also for those with a short mouth. There are many people out there who hate their small mouths; fortunately, this cosmetic surgery will end their nightmare for good. Apart from being extremely efficient, it's also convenient, and the results are permanent. Also, people with inherently downturned mouth corners will absolutely love the procedure; these people are not feeling confident about their appearance, and their afflictions are psychological.

Smile Lipt can help deal with people's self-esteem. Some faces and mouths are genuinely sad, even if they're not. So rather than have to listen to everyone asking "why are you so angry all the time?", you should turn to this efficient and revolutionary cosmetic procedure.

The Smile Lipt - an incredibly popular cosmetic procedure

Smile Lipt has become an incredibly popular cosmetic procedure among both men and women in their 20s and 30s. Consultants, flight attendants and people who work with other people, must always have a beautiful smile on their faces. Unfortunately, not everybody can look genuinely happy all the time. Oddly enough, the procedure is also reviving a long-forgotten trend - Valentine anguloplasty; medically known for about 50 years, Aone claims to have upgraded the old procedure, and thus Smile Lipt was born.

The lifting direction is different; it moves muscles (used for laughing) up, in the direction of the cheekbones. To put it simply - it makes people smile even if they're not. Some have named this surgical procedure the dracula therapy. It doesn't show off your teeth, yet we have to admit that it does offer people a devilish smile. If your mouth is too small or too sad, having a lip lift may be exactly what you need to boost your self-esteem. The results are amazing, not to mention that everyone around you will genuinely like your face, and will even assume you're constantly happy.

(Contributed by Edward Francis)

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