Body Stocking - Best Way for Teasing and Attracting Your Partner

What is a Body Stocking? A sensual, sexy body stocking is an essential part of any woman’s lingerie collection. A body stocking is a one-piece coverall that practically bares all – designed to hug the curves of the body – and worn under clothing (except in the bedroom).

A body stocking, like any other type of lingerie, can be sheer or opaque, made of any material from lace to satin and is designed to tantalise. As it covers the entire body often having full sleeves, a body stocking is very similar in concept to a unitard made from the delicate materials that are normally used for lingerie.

The Enchantment of a Body Stocking
A body stocking brings out the enchantress in a woman as it reveals all her assets while keeping them covered. A well designed body stocking will make men drool and women visualise themselves in it and with the sites selling lingerie online, the perfect body stocking is a click away.

Men can buy lingerie such as body stockings for their partners as the outfit feeds into their wilder fantasies and women can explore the wilder side of their relationship in the body stocking. From the classy lace body stockings for the romantic to the crotchless net stockings for the more adventurous, there is a body stocking for every mood and every woman at PrivyPleasures.

Different Types for Different Bodies
Body stockings take into account that every woman is shaped differently. For plus sized ladies there are lingerie options with extra support. While the stocking is meant to replace underwear, there are styles which are more comfortable worn with underwear.

There is an endless variety in the types of materials used to make body stockings. Fishnet is an old favourite, and much like the tights, is overtly erotic. The lace stockings are intricate and can be embellished further with feathers, beads and even ruffles. Spandex, lycra or elasticised lingerie is normally more opaque and has the added advantage of enhancing key parts of the anatomy.

Within the fishnet stockings there is a now a range of variations based on the size of the diamond shaped knit. Crochet body stockings are available with holes instead of diamonds and more exotic complex spider web patterns are also available. Lace body stockings are decidedly feminine and have the largest range of designs as they are made of floral or butterfly lace, swirls or Spanish lace amongst others.

Like all lingerie, body stockings cover a huge spectrum of quality from the inexpensive, low denier ones to high quality denser materials. The sheerer the material the more likely it is to be adorned. The more opaque tend towards the practical.

In terms of colours, body stockings cover the same gamut as traditional lingerie where black is a favourite although lacy white pieces have an unmatched reign as the choice for innocent seduction. Typically, they are also readily available in nudes, beiges, red and the occasional pastel.

Teasing Your Partner
Body stockings are designed to be worn under clothing so the right sort of stocking can be worn under a skirt and blazer or a short tunic. Despite the fact that a body stocking is a potential substitute to regular underwear, it is far more appropriate and exciting for the night time than as office wear – unless you want to tease your significant other with the knowledge of what is under the clothes.

A body stocking can entice your partner and help add excitement to your sex life. A body stocking enhances your curves and smoothes away any imagined imperfections, letting you feel your best! The right body stocking will create an atmosphere of sexuality – throw in a few candles and see where the night takes you.

(Contributed by Joel)

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