Bad Breath: 5 Tips to Good Oral Hygiene

With estimates placing victims of bad breath at anywhere between one third to nearly half of the world's population, the hygiene of your mouth may be more of a problem than you thought it was. Although notoriously difficult to detect until the embarrassing moment when someone tells you about it, you can fight off bad breath with these easy, preventative steps.

Bad Breath 5 Tips to Good Oral Hygiene
Avoid the Sweet Drinks
Soda's popularity has led to corresponding declines in oral care that could cost you your teeth in the long run. Sugar, citric acid and phosphoric acid all are important ingredients in soda pop that eat away at your teeth over time. Unsweetened tea and black coffee are some of your safer options.

Brush After Dessert
When it comes to enemies of a healthy mouth, sugary foods are no better than sodas. If you must indulge in that slice of cake, brush as soon as possible afterward. If left untreated, the aftermath of a sweet can continue to attack your mouth for nearly half an hour!

How to Brush Right
It's recommended that you take an average of two entire minutes to brush your teeth, being sure to brush each tooth around a dozen times each. Your brushing motions should be short, rather than sweeping. On the other hand, don't brush too forcefully to try and get done quicker - you could damage your own mouth as much as any can of soda (Source: C U Smile Dental Care).

Give in to the Floss
Floss is often the subject of humor, as dentists constantly tell their patients to bother with it, only to be ignored time and time again. Unfortunately, it's not just an old wives' tale; flossing helps to remove plague buildup that's responsible for inflamed gums, cavities and bad odors. If you have difficulty holding the floss, you might want to consider disposable floss-holding products to make the necessary cleanup a little less aggravating.

Kick the Weed Habit
Both tobacco and marijuana, when smoked, chewed or otherwise imbibed orally, tend to foment bacteria, discolor your teeth and damage your gums. If you must take marijuana for medicinal purposes, consider a pill-based product or similar, mouth-safe alternative.

Both as an indicator of social manners and as a way to ward off unwanted, painful and expensive trips to your local dentist, good oral hygiene is key to everyone's lives. Spare yourself the toothache and the awkward aftermath of bad kisses - and just live your life with a healthy mouth.

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  1. Mamata3:15 PM

    Apply gentle pressure to your teeth and tongue while brushing. Excessive pressure can injure soft tissues and may even cause abrasion (mechanical injury to the teeth due to excessive pressure and habit of brushing the teeth horizontally)
    Ideally, brushing all the surfaces of teeth require atleast 4 mins.
    . After meals swish water in your mouth and remove the food particles attached to your teeth and gum

  2. Smitha3:17 PM

    Brush you teeth with SOFT BRISTLE toothbrush 2 times daily.
    Proper Brushing Technique is to brush your teeth VERTICALLY (up and down motion) than horizontally (motion while brushing to remove the bacterial plaque more efficiently and also to avoid injury to the gum and teeth in the long run.
    Make sure that you brush ALL surfaces of your teeth.
    After brushing don't forget to brush your tongue with the same brush which will prevent bad breath.


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