Why I won't use products that contain exfoliating beads

Being an oily skinned gal, I love face washes, body washes and exfoliating creams that contain those tiny colorful exfoliating beads. While massaging such a cream on my skin, it feels as if it is sloughing off my dead skin. And truly, my dull, greasy skin pretty much feels rejuvenated and alive after usage. But after reading this piece of news, I am kind of shocked!  The tiny plastic beads that being used in cosmetic products are finding their way in lakes and streams. Apparently this is contaminating water and is toxic to fish and other marine life. So a ban on such products is being proposed. Do check the video below for more details.

Henceforth, to do my bit for the environment, I won't  be using such products. I guess the ancient Middle East beauty remedy of using fine sand as a body scrub is is far more environment-friendly! Now,  I really don't know whether foot scrubs contain such beads as I have never ever used them, but I would surely love to try barefoot sand-walking on a beach not just to naturally exfoliate dead skin from my feet but also for its tremendous health benefits.

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  1. That's terrible-I'm not going to use them anymore either. I like natural sand better anyway. Thanks so much for bringing this to my attention.


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