Male Hairstyles: Top 10 Cool Trends For 2014

We’re men, not sheep. We do not shy away from challenges and we do fearless things: Base jumping, cave diving, free solo climbing and drag racing, just to name a few.

But when it comes to getting a haircut and sporting a new hairstyle? We’d rather be sheep; We wimp out, afraid to shed our decade-old haircut.

But the thing is, what looked good on you ten years ago might look a little outdated on you now. Admit it, your face has changed and you’ve matured. Thus, a little update on your hairstyle is in order. Go and have a look at the coolest male hairstyles for 2014.

1. The Undercut

A few years ago, the undercut only belonged to teenagers. But with recent hit TV shows like Boardwalk Empire, the undercut is making a comeback as a grown man’s hair style. With short sides, short back and the top length slicked backwards, it has evolved among the sexy male hairstyles as sported by Michael Pitt. Style it with nothing else but a lightweight hair gel.

2. The Modern Pompadour
When you hear the word pompadour and think of Johnny Bravo, then you’ve got to see this modern take on the classic hairstyle. The new version is kept short, with a slight side part and not entirely slicked back. Sure, it’s got that vintage and classic look, but entirely modern with a tough vibe going on. If you’ve got thick hair, then this is your best bet among male hairstyles.

3. The Brit-Rock Hair
Dubbed so because of its popularity with British rock bands then, this one is the coolest of all male hairstyles for the tousled look: Length through the top with hair swept forward, textured and with a bit of fringe. This hairstyle works well for every hair type, from straight to curly hair. Sport this hairstyle with shine or without shine; Either way works with the right hair product.

4. The Quiff
If you’re thinning on the top, this is among the male hairstyles you’d want to avoid. The quiff is reminiscent of Elvis, and guys with thick, straight and curly locks can pull this one off. The top has a longer length, back sides are short and there’s a hint of a side part. This hairstyle works with about any face shape, but if you have defined cheekbones and sharp jaw lines, this is perfect for you.

5. The Ryan Gosling Hair in Gangster Squad
Now who wouldn’t want hair that looks like that? It looks all manly prim and proper, powerfully smart with just the right amount of toughness. Get a cut that’s square on the top and the sides but take note: the crown and front should be longer than the sides. Create a nice side part to the left, but be careful not to go too deep – let it rest just above the center.

6. The Robert Downey Haircut
To get started, you need to go see a hair stylist and ask for a Robert Downey haircut. There’s just no way your well-meaning family member or drunken friend is going to pull it off, unless they’re professionals, and sober. It’s an easy-to-wear male hairstyle that can work for every age and hair type: longer top, sides cropped and parted to either the right or left.

7. The Slick Part
Alright. Perhaps the tousled look isn’t something you prefer and you’d like something a little more slick. This polished-looking hairstyle actually works with any type of hair, but works best with straight hair. Create a side part, combing the hair to the sides and the crown all the way back down. Apply a wet gel product underneath and comb into place. Hello, slick part.

8. The Wavy Side Part
Wavy hair? No problem. This wavy side part is so cool and trendy you’ll thank your natural hair texture. Grow your hair long and get square cuts on the sides and leave the top long. Part on the side and comb down hair on the left or right. Like most male hairstyles of this kind, you’ll need a few hair products and even a blow-dryer to achieve the devil-may-care look. But, whatever.

9. The Best Hairstyle for Beards
Growing a beard is the pinnacle of manliness. It can scare away bears, boost wood-chopping abilities and make the ladies swoon. Now all you need is a hairstyle that agrees with the beard, and unfortunately there’s only a handful. But do try this one. Get close-cropped sides and leave the top long and slicked backwards with a hint of a part. The sides make the beard look thicker, so it’s all good.

10. The Spiky Hair
Formerly confined to Jersey Shore fist-pumping dudes and anime, The spiky hair is actually slowly evolving among the male hairstyles that we could rock, regardless of our club-hopping stamina. Get a close-cropped, shaved cut on both sides and leave the crown long. Hair products have evolved to include hair wax and pomades for a stronger hold, so take advantage.

Changing your haircut is nowhere as life-threatening as your daredevil feats, so take heart. Be courageous. Explore new male hairstyles. And if you hate it, it’ll always grow back. is your complete, offbeat guide to men’s health and lifestyle. If you are looking for tips and information on how to look and feel great, and be the ultimate man women can’t resist, this site is for the Alpha male like you!

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  1. Keeping a decade old hairstyle may not be that bad at all. However, a little updating might help. Good read.

  2. Anonymous2:19 AM

    great post - could use example pics though..


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