Five Beauty Mistakes Brides Make and How to Avoid Them

If your wedding day is approaching, you are probably feeling anxious about a lot of things. You may have started thinking about how you can look your best on such an important day. Unfortunately, some brides make the mistake of going overboard with their beauty planning and end up with a look that just isn't “them.” Here are a few beauty mistakes many brides have encountered and how to avoid them.

Five Beauty Mistakes Brides Make and How to Avoid Them
Makeup Disasters
Many brides have a tendency to go overboard with their make-up on their wedding days. While you do want to wear a touch more than you do on an ordinary day for the photos, the trick is to still look natural in your makeup. If you go overboard, you won't look like yourself in the pictures. Too much makeup can actually make you look older when it settles in the fine lines and creases on your face. Many brides also choose their wedding day to try something different, like red lipstick. Now is not the time to experiment with your makeup. If you are an everyday red wearer, by all means go for it, just choose an all day choice that won't transfer onto your new husband during kisses.

Ill Fitting Dresses
Many brides have a particular wedding dress in mind that they just have to have. However, your dream wedding dress may not work for your body type. This is why you must try on a lot of different styles of dresses to make sure the dress you choose accentuates your features. A dress that is too tight can cause you to bulge out the top and draw attention to all the wrong areas. Make sure you like the way the dress looks from all angles before you buy it.

Tanning Catastrophes
While most brides do like to get tan before their big day, you can easily overdo the tanning and wind up looking more orange than bronze. This is not the time to try a self tanning product, so avoid those to avoid streaks on your skin. Whether you try a spray tan or the traditional tanning bed to get your tan, go for a sun kissed look. Stop tanning a few days before your wedding, so you don't look unnatural in your wedding day photos. Avoid spray tans or products that sit on top of the skin, you don't want the edges of your gorgeous white dress to be tinged brown.

Wrong Shoes
Many brides want to add height on their wedding days, so they purchase high heels. However, if you are not used to walking in high heels, you can create a wedding day disaster. You will not look good stumbling down the aisle or arching your back as you try to stay upright. You also won't be very comfortable. Instead, choose shoes with heels you can manage to walk in, so you look graceful on your walk down the aisle. Consider the height of your husband when considering heel height as well. Most brides don't want to tower over their husband in their wedding shots.

Hair Mistakes
You do want your hair to stay in place on your wedding day, however you want to avoid spraying it so heavily that it doesn't move or look natural. Too much product in your hair will detract from your hairstyle and make it look fake or plastic. You want the natural radiance of you hair to stand out through the product. Use a light hairspray that holds well while still allowing movement. Your hairdresser can help you choose the best products and styles to suit you.

Every bride plans to look absolutely stunning on their wedding day and knowing the mistakes many brides make can help you to avoid those. If you keep these in mind as you are planning your wedding look, you are sure to come up with an amazing look that allows your natural beauty to shine through.

- Kandace Heller

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  1. I love doing bridal makeup and those are all principles I follow. This post is so helpful! Thanks for saying that everyone should do a trial run.


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