Fashion Options to Flatter Plus-Size Figures

The images of the skeletal runway model and the athletic, yet buxom, men's mag cover girl have been burned into the American psyche. But for plus-size women, it's actually a great time to go shopping.
More and more designers are creating more and more options that accentuate the good and drown out the trouble spots on bigger girls. A far cry from the shapeless tents that used to dominate plus-size stores, a recent barrage of shapely women achieving enormous celebrity - combined with an overall disdain for the common pop-culture image of women - have made today's styles truly, well, stylish.

Saris are exotic - and concealing.

The sari is an elegant, exotic way to conceal some of the extra without being bland or boring. Worn throughout Asia and the Middle East, saris are elegant and eye catching but not eye stopping. When it comes to cut, fabric, and fold, it is imperative that you wear it correctly, or you could wind up advertising the parts you meant to downplay.

Valentine's Day lingerie is often one of the biggest plus-size struggles. But, according to experts, this is actually an area where you can excel with four awesome options.

Corsets show off your curves and smooth out everything else. Baby dolls, with their empire waists, look flattering on virtually all figures. The chemise - the baby doll's more conservative cousin - is perfect if you're looking for something that is never over the top, risqué, or risky. A camisole and panty set is simple but sexy.

Consider a chain belt that doesn't hug tightly and cinches at the waist to create an hourglass. Break up the top of your body with a wider belt.

When it comes to large calves, there is nothing better in the world than boots. Extended-calf boots are both practical and in.

When it comes to accessories, consider scale. Tiny earrings, purses, and belts makes big women appear even bigger.

Common Fashion Sense
Don't draw attention to parts you're trying to conceal. Make sure buttons, pockets, patterns, and frills - all eye-catchers - draw the gaze away from problem areas. The experts at Ladies Home Journal remind us that big, bold prints are the queens of distraction.

The chemise is a sexy, but more toned-down alternative to a baby doll.

It's a great time to be a larger lady. The styles, trends, and fashion in the plus-size world are better and more diverse than they've ever been. Be smart when you shop, pay close attention to your accessories, and shop for the lady you are - not the one you want to be. No matter what you wear, wear it well.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. He writes about fashion and style.

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