Spices For Nasal Stuffiness

While it's true that common colds are most common in winters and monsoons, you can catch it any time, especially if you are not particular about hand hygiene or have been in the company of people who have been suffering from this. Though colds last for around 5-7 days, the accompanying nasal stuffiness / congestion can be very irksome as you cannot breathe properly. Just nose blowing won't help, especially if you aren't doing it right. Several remedies do help to ease your symptoms and pamper yourself.  But one of the easiest way to beat this nasal congestion is to to eat lots of spicy food

While science is not clear, it is believed that hot spices trigger nerve responses that tell nasal membranes to produce extra mucus, constrict blood vessels and shrink swollen membranes. The result: All that extra sinus space allows you to breathe more easily. So go ahead and gorge food, flavoured with various spices like chilli flakes, black pepper, chili pepper, jalapeno, hot ginger, cinnamon etc. and this will lead to a runny nose and you'll feel much better after wiping off all that mucus.

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Binge on foods flavoured with hot spices and relieve nasal congestion

- Smitha

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