Hitting menopause? Emerge looking better!

Going through menopause is like being in a battle. Many women even have the scars to show from it.

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As we near menopause the body starts preparing for a big set of changes which may affect us physically as well as mentally. It certainly does bring on unusual moodiness and depression in many cases, accompanied by hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, and also weight gain.

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All in all, this phase is not unlike when you started getting your periods. The world would get on your nerves, your skin would break out, you did not understand what was going on in your body or why you were suddenly depressed or agitated, and nobody had a clue how to help you.

It lasted for a few years till your body settled down in its adult rhythms. So will menopause. And just like you made through those turbulent teenage years on your own, so must you through the menopausal ones.
Does that mean there’s no professional help available? Of course, there is. We only mean you need to first and foremost understand that the road ahead is slightly rocky and that you are your best guide along this path.

If you want to emerge happier, healthier, and better looking from this phase, you will have to adopt a holistic approach toward life, since how good we look is inextricably tied to how we treat ourselves.
A few suggestions to get you started:

Cultivate self-compassion
This had to be put at the start of the list as responsibility toward self is the basis of a good life.
Be generous and forgiving toward your perceived flaws and boo-boos. It is alright to age, to get wrinkles, or layers of fat around our abdomen and buttocks. Your regard for yourself has to be constant, no matter how you look, feel, if you fit into your favorite pair of jeans, or if you earn good money or not.

Self-compassion is the root of happiness (and also the secret behind some women’s glowing skin).

Make your physical health your priority
Every woman’s body and mind are different. Some will have a relatively smooth menopause, while others may feel like a train wreck half the time. But one thing everybody has in common is that we all flower under good care and nourishment.

While our bodies serve us remarkably well all our lives, there are times when they need us to listen to them more than usual. Whenever it is undergoing major changes, such as during puberty or menopause, is the time for us to support it with good nutrition, rest, and sleep.

Cut down on useless activities and put yourself on the top of your priority list. Work out at least 20 minutes a day, six days a week. Do facial and deep breathing exercises for fresh-looking skin.


Create a plan to tackle moodiness and depression
If you had self esteem issues all your life, they will likely get magnified now. Really, hormonal changes heighten our sensitivities all round, so that any comment, self-doubt, or memory can trip us over and send us spiraling into depression. We may get unpredictable, cranky, and weepy, and end up regretting the lives we have led or the men we married (or did not marry).
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 The best way to deal with that sort of a thing is to know beforehand that you will have days when you will doubt everything. You may feel utterly lost and inconsolable but that is a passing phase. Just stay safe in the knowledge that it will be over soon even when you are in the midst of a severe bout of depression.

Also, make meditation a regular part of your day. It will calm you down and help you get regular beauty sleep.

Keep yourself groomed and inspired
You need to start doing this on a regular basis. People who take out the time to groom themselves and keep in good shape report higher levels of satisfaction with life.

If you want your face to light up each time you look into the mirror, you will have to do your bit to make that happen.

That would entail daily skin care regime, weekly hair masks, regular manicure and pedicure, perked up
eyebrows, flattering hairstyles and natural makeup.

A changed body and mind may well mean a changed wardrobe. Shop without guilt and shop to support yourself. Buy clothes and sandals that flatter you, and smile with confidence when looking into the camera.


Indulge in what you love
Give yourself the license to pursue your interests. That will keep you happy and content, which will reflect in the glow of your skin.

Seek inspiration in nature, colors, architecture, books, or wherever you usually find it. The more inspiration you have coming into your mind, the less likely it will be to get destabilized by the wrong kind of thoughts.
Be proud of whatever age you are and seek out stylish women of your age to keep the regular doses of inspiration coming into your life.

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  1. Exercise is a must! That's why I always do my yoga exercise.


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