Are long sleepers over-anxious types?

I remember reading somewhere that long sleepers tend to be shy, introverted and of worrying nature. Long sleepers are those who need to have at least 9 or more hours of sleep to feel adequately well-rested and refreshed. True, excessively long sleep (for more than 10 hours)  is linked to a host of health issues; read one of the earlier posts on this topic. But as long as this oversleep is not due to any underlying medical condition, it isn't such a cause for worry.

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Long sleepers may have to curtail their sleep timings by an hour or two during the weekdays to attend to their other duties such as school, college or workplace, but they can always catch up on extra sleep during the holiday weekends and make up for it. I have come across one or two such people who are long sleepers and interestingly they do exhibit the above mentioned personality characteristics. So I firmly believed in this hypothesis that long sleepers are always over-anxious personality types. I presumed that excessive sleep for them was a sort of escapade from facing the real world and dealing with their fears and insecurities. And as a way of providing relief for them, maybe their brains were secreting such chemicals making them sleep for an unusually longer time. But it seems that this surmise isn't exactly right.

Sleeping Beauty

As per this article, several studies conducted over a period of time show that there is no conclusive evidence to prove that sleeping hours and personality characteristics are related. In fact some studies such as this one even showed that short sleepers had higher levels of anxiety as compared to long sleepers. Short sleepers are those who make do with only 4-6 hours of sleep.

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