Two Beauty Box Subscriptions You Will Love Receiving or Gifting

If you're like most gals, you've probably stood at the makeup counter for hours trying to find your shade of concealer or blush only to get home and realize it's not quite the ideal color match. Suddenly you're stuck with a product you'll never use and you still don't have the beauty product you were after.

With the new  beauty box trend, you can opt for a new surprise every month that doesn't require you to stand in long lines. Imagine a treasure box of goodies customized to your style landing on your doorstep once a month. You'll find new brands without having to worry about wasting expensive, unused ones again. And, if they don't all become your faves, you can share with friends.

Beauty Box Subscription

1. GoodeBox
Now you can receive eco-conscious, natural skin care and makeup products every month. With a panel of organic and natural beauty experts ready to answer your questions, this beauty box subscription offers a nice, personalized feel. You'll even be able to customize your preferences based on skin tone, skin type or if you have any allergy considerations when signing up for the service. Each box contains six to seven sample products that are designed in generous trial sizes to give you a chance to really try the product. If you're considering a subscription to this service, but want to learn more about the benefits of natural beauty products you can now by visiting "Only Skin Deep" at
  • Cost. $16 per each month or $16 for a bi-monthly subscription.
  • Pros. You can try new skin care and makeup without having to wonder if it will harm your skin or body. Because natural products can be a bit pricey, this box is also priced ideally to make it available for a wide audience to try before committing to larger sized products.
  • Cons. Natural skin care products tend to be a bit thick, so be ready for that aspect, but no disadvantages to the overall service.
2. Ipsy Box
The Ipsy seems to have thought of every beauty feature a girl wants to be armed with for hair, makeup, nails and even fragrance. What sets Ipsy apart each month is their fun-themed box to feature new products. lets potential subscribers take a handy quiz to help personalize their experience. This box also makes the perfect gift for a college student living on campus who loves her beauty samples, but can't get away regularly to shop. Any girl would love to receive birthday flowers accompanied by the first month's subscription to this beauty box for her special day. Subscribers can also check out their stylish blog that offers tips on everything beauty from hair and makeup trends to how to organize your closet.
  • Cost. $10 per month.
  • Pros. This box highlights brands from all over the world that may be new to you and includes some natural and organic brands, as well. Their website also features fun, how-to tutorials.
  • Cons. They often feature glittery makeup, so if that style isn't for you, hand it over to your niece.
Miley Lloyd is a freelance writer who specializes in fashion and design.

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