A simple home-remedy for excessive sweating - Reader's contribution

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If you have a tendency to sweat excessively, this particular granny's home-remedy is proven to give good results. Mix 1 tsp each of ginger juice and honey and have it the first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, regularly.

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(Contributed by Isha)

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  1. What is ginger juice?

  2. Krystal4:51 PM

    this is called diaphorysis. it is more common than you think. dr's can give medication, but there are side effects

  3. This problem may be inherited!

  4. Tanuja4:53 PM

    excessive sweating is actually a medical condition.See a doctor if it is affecting your everyday life.

  5. Tanvi4:55 PM

    excessive sweating is caused by a condition called hyperhidrosis.

  6. I suggest that you try a course of Acupuncture.
    In the mean time patchouli oil mixes with sweat to produce a scent that most people find very attractive.

  7. Vimala5:08 PM

    Keep an eye on your diet. Hot foods and coffee can be to blame. Smoking also does not help.

  8. Debbie, you have to grate the ginger roots and blend it to extract its juice. See this.

  9. Actually sweating is a natural process to dissipate body heat to keep the body cool and free from toxic materials. Therefore it should NOT be stopped. Of course, to compensate loss of water & salt, one must take enough drinking water and necessary salt, preferably in the form of ORS (oral rehydration solution).

  10. Dheeru4:58 PM

    I’ve always been interested in the natural healing powers of the spices in my own cabinet.


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