Of money and style

When you don't have money, you try and console yourself by saying that money is filthy, it's the root cause of all evil and that it does not buy any happiness. 

You desperately want to believe that the rich are not happy but in the heart of your hearts, you know that money matters. Believe me,  it does. 

Agreed, the rich need not necessarily be a contented lot, but one thing is true, they do not have to bother about money and with a little planning, neither do you. 

So stop being like that fox who claimed that the grapes were sour just because he couldn't reach them. Find ways to improve your financial condition. 

Think law of attraction. Do not condemn money; you cannot attract what you criticize. Always say...

love money
And by the way, money and style are connected but not in the way we think. 

Normally, we only think of having money to spend on goodies but that is not what imparts style to us. It is the confidence of having a good bank balance and sound investments that lends style to the persona.
(Guest Post by Dhanya)

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  1. Nirmala8:15 AM

    Watch what you spend your money on.. Be wise with it. Also, find creative ways to make money.And if you can, bargain your way to get things. Be persuasive or put on a pouty face it it's that kind of place or whatever. Just be clever and find opportunities.

  2. Irish8:24 AM

    money can not buy life-style/happiness/friendship… or relationship.No, not for me. I am contented leading a simple and happy life with my hubby.

  3. Vikas8:35 AM

    Money is very important but it is only a tool that you must learn to use.

  4. Vidya8:36 AM

    Money can buy style. And if happiness depends on success for one, then it can alos buy happiness because it can definitely buy success. Idealists won't agree with me here, but it is true.
    Money gives power. Who wouldn't wnat have at least as little power to have their dreams come true, or not have to worry about one's future?

  5. Parvati8:41 AM

    Money makes certain aspects of your life much better. Not everyone who has money will become terminally ill. Most have a comfortable lifestyle if they can balance work and life.

  6. Sanjay8:42 AM

    It can buy what makes your style, it can't buy happiness but can buy things to do that make you happy, and the last question would depend on your definition of success.
    Money and power are materialistic to dwell on them brings misery not happiness

  7. Satish8:46 AM

    Money can buy the style you want. Making money is success. Money CAN make you happy, but means nothing when you have more than you may need.

  8. money can't buy you style unless you have that attitude in yourself to carry that. But with little cleverness on the areas in which money need to be spent,and little innovation, we can have whatever style we want.


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