How to Get a Gorgeous Smile Fast

Your smile is one of the first things a person notices about you. Whether you are at work, playing on the weekends, or attending a special event, brighter clean teeth can give you a youthful and rejuvenated appearance. Taking precautions to preserve the beauty of your teeth now can significantly effect others perspectives on you and how you will look in the future. Consider the following tips for getting a gorgeous smile in no time.


* Purchase an at home teeth whitening kit or get a professional whitening. The shade of your teeth is a big determinant for how striking your smile may seem. Be sure to consult your dental plan prior to arranging to get your teeth professionally whitened. Some plans may include annual whitening, however, it may be a costly procedure with no coverage.

Alternatively, whitening your teeth at home can be a great option for getting a beautiful smile. Affordable kits can be purchased from $4-$100 at drugstores nationwide. Be careful to follow all indicated directions and do not overuse these products, as it may cause your teeth to turn slightly blue or your gums to become damaged.

* Watch what you drink. Coffee and tea drinkers tend to have teeth that are several shades darker than those who abstain from these beverages. Although for many people cutting out coffee or tea completely is NOT an option, cutting down somewhat or brushing the teeth after consuming these beverages may help tone down the yellow or grey appearance of teeth. Additionally, drinking sugar-filled beverages can impair your ability to fight cavities. Decreasing the amount of sugary drinks you consume can greatly improve your dental health.

* Get health conscious. This means stop smoking. You can get your teeth cleaned professionally twice a year, apply whitening strips, and stop drinking coffee, but if you continue to smoke you may cause irreparable damage to your gums. If your gums are in bad shape, the color of your teeth will be less important since you will be in peril of losing them. Gum disease is best fought preventatively. Non-smokers have, on the whole, healthier gums, whiter teeth, and less occurrence of various diseases and cancers of the mouth associated with smoking.

* Be aware of what you eat. Not only can the beverages you consume determine the brightness of your pearly whites, what you choose to eat can also affect your dental vitality. Try to steer clear of sticky or sugary foods like candy. These foods can eat away at the enamel of your teeth within hours of consumption, if you do not brush properly. Try to eat foods that are high in fiber, as they tend to stimulate salivation. In addition to the alkali neutralizing affects of saliva, high fiber foods have a tendency to cleanse the teeth prior to being swallowed.

* Re-evaluate your cosmetic choices. Think of your lips as a frame that displays your beautiful white teeth. If that frame isn’t the right color, your teeth may end up looking yellow. Choosing a lipstick with a red base will instantly make your teeth look brighter. Any lip products that are based in orange or yellow colors can cause your teeth to look like you haven’t brushed them in a week.

Guest post  by Carol Montrose

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  1. Suhani8:15 AM

    If your smile looks less-than-perfect due to gaps and spaces between your teeth, you should pursue an orthodontics treatment.

  2. Dental Implants!

  3. Supreeta8:18 AM

    If your teeth are yellow-tinted or stained, the first thing you should do is visit your dentist and ask for a dental cleaning. Surface stains and tints can easily be removed with the right dental cleaning treatment

  4. Amaresh8:19 AM

    Use the right toothpastes and avoid some of the bad habits that would stain your teeth. If you regularly drink coffee or smoke cigarettes, try to reduce the frequency -- if not drop the habits altogether -- to avoid discoloration and surface stains from showing.

  5. Richa8:22 AM

    A tooth plays a major role in creating a beautiful smile. To get good smile follow the techniques like rubbing your teeth with natural strawberries.

  6. Nehala8:23 AM

    Take an apple every day to get good teeth.

  7. Simaran8:27 AM

    Everyone looks better when they smile and it also helps to improve the posture of your body. Even if you don't have a good shaped body, smile can really work for you.

  8. Bhanupriya8:28 AM

    Smiling can make you feel better because of the happy hormones that are released in your bloodstream.


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