Fair One Apricot Face Wash Scrub Review

I haven't come across rave reviews of Shahnaz Husain's products, but nevertheless I purchased this Apricot face wash scrub. I'd say that the name 'face wash scrub', rather spurred me to give it a try. After all, if a face wash costing just 45 bucks can work as a scrub too, it's good value for money, the cheapskate in me thought. Now whether my assessment was right or wrong, you can only find out by reading further ...

What it claims:
Fair One Face Wash Scrub Shahnaz Husain Apricot Face Wash Scrub

Fair One Apricot Face Wash Scrub
A unique energising and revitalising deep pore cleanser containing natural moisturisers and skin lighteners like AloeVera, Rose, Cucumber and Apricot. Helps exfoliate and cleanse skin by removing dead skin cells and blackheads. Leaves the skin fresh, radiant and youthful.


Apply on wet face. Work into a rich lather and gently massage. Rub gently on pigmentation and scar area. Do not rub directly on acne. Rinse off with water.

Active Ingredients:
Aloe Vera juice, Apricot, Rose water, Cucumber seed extracts, Arbutin(Bearberry).

My experience:
apricot face wash scrub on handNow let me relate my experience. I squeezed out a bit of it from the tube and as you can see from the picture, it is of a pale orange colour with dark orange granules in it. Or should I say it is almost colourless with a pale orange tinge and a few tiny dark orangish granules thrown in here and there for effect!

I applied it to my face and slowly started massaging with my fingers, but I could hardly feel any granules scrubbing my face. It does lather well and you require only a little of it to cleanse your whole face. And your face does feel cleansed after washing but that's all to it. It doesn't quite appear to exfoliate your face and do away with dead skin cells or blackheads.  Now I haven't used it for long to say this but its tall claims of helping with pigmentation and scar marks and making the face look radiant and youthful, also seem dubious to me. After all , when it can't even scrub off dead cells properly, how can you expect it do all these things and also make you look fair, youthful, glowing, radiant or whatever?

Now something about the lathering part! As it does lather considerably, it could well have SLS or SLES in it, but tactfully the complete ingredient list is not mentioned on the tube and the emphasis is more on the key herbal additives to give an impression that it is an 'all herbal product'. Now this kind of marketing gimmick is not restricted to Shahnaz Husain products. What with very little consumer awareness in India, many other brands like Everyuth, Himalaya too resort to this.

To sum up or rather to give the devil it's due, it's really not that bad. And certainly not a terrible product that needs to be thrown out. It does have quite a few plus points. First of all it's price is very low (50 ml tube costs just INR 45), secondly it's easily available at all stores and  grocery shops in India. Thirdly, even though it doesn't do anything extraordinary, it works well as a cleanser / face wash and your face doesn't feel parched after washing (mine is a normal-dry skin). However if you are on the lookout for a face wash cum scrub, avoid it.

(Guest Post by Smitha)

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  1. Vandana8:52 AM

    I have extremly sensitive skin, and I love St. Ives Apricot Scrub. I find it works best when you put it on your face, massage it with circular motions, and wash it off with a face cloth. It leaves my skin smooth and clean. I use it about 5 times a week, and at first my skin stung a little, but now I love it!

  2. Sulochana8:32 AM

    Apricot is very good for skin and is used in skin polishes. But always remember to clean your face first,exfoliate and then moisturize.
    Best done before sleep as it helps skin to breathe and the skin repair process is max during sleep.

  3. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Apply to dampened face especially around nose, chin and forehead. Avoid contact with eyes. Using a circular motion , massage gently with wet finger tips. Rinse then pat dry with towel. Scrubs away every day surface sluff and leaves skin looking its natural best.


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