Getting in and out of a car gracefully

imageEven before you take note of a beautiful woman's features or other minute details about her, it is her gait, posture and grace that greets you in the first place, whether she is standing, sitting or even climbing stairs for that matter.

Now one aspect where most gorgeous women err is when they are getting in and out of a car.

Some get in with their heads going in first and the rest of the body follows, while some plonk themselves on the edge first and then drag the body in. Now this looks most ungraceful.

The best way to get into a car is to sit on the edge of the seat and then draw up the legs in a quick, graceful manner. One can even climb sideways with one foot swiveling up and then the next.

Even while getting down,adjust your clothes,  open the door as wide as you can. Then  move to the edge of the seat and  place the foot nearest to the door on the ground, then he other and slowly emerge out of the car, supporting yourself if necessary and without banging your head.

Watch this video on how to get out of a car gracefully without flashing your underwear.

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