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Just like the quintessential handshake, the way you sit or stand also speak volumes about your personality. And sitting is one area in which a lot of women fall short of being perfect.
A lot of women are careless about the way they sit. As a  result, it is not uncommon to find them sprawling in the most undignified manner at social gatherings. To sit in a lady-like manner requires a little practice.
One must choose a way of sitting which does not display one's anatomy in a crude manner. With mini-skirts in fashion, just visualize the effect that a careless woman can create if she sits in an inappropriate manner! Quite often one comes across women who cross their legs at a very high angle which results in the riding up of their dresses, saris or trousers. Leave that manner of sitting to the men!

One must keep one's attire in mind while sitting. The best way to sit is to cross one's legs either at the knee or calf level. Sitting with one's legs apart can look obnoxious, so one must always keep the legs close together even if one does not cross them.
woman sitting gracefully businesswoman sitting gracefully
The best way to sit is to cross one's legs at the knee or calf level. Sitting with one's legs apart can look obnoxious, so one must always keep the legs close together.

One should never slouch or sink into deep sofas and chairs because this presents a very shabby appearance. Although large and deep sofas look very comfortable, it is best to choose something with less depth while settling down.

Deep chairs and sofas are all right for people who have very long legs. If a short person were to sit in a deep sofa, her legs would be at an uncomfortable angle and she would present a very unsophisticated look. Lean back against the backrest with the arms resting on the side or the arms by leaning towards one side.
Sitting on the edge of a chair also conveys a certain unease and nervousness, so sit back and relax. At no stage should your face exhibit discomfort or a conscious effort. It should reflect an effortless ease of manner. Arrange the folds of your pleats and your pallu of your sari in a proper manner after taking your seat.

If you are wearing jeans or trousers, take care that you don't cause them to ride up by sitting in an improper manner. If you are attired in a short skirt or dress, cross your legs low so that your thighs remain concealed and there are no vulgar bulges. While getting up from a chair, do not press your entire weight on the chair arms or the armrest but get up in a free flowing movement, gracefully. Don't heave yourself up. Too many women make the mistake of getting up heavily with their clothes in disheveled and creased state after they they have remained sitting for a few hours. Oblivious to them, those creases sometimes make their panty lines visible and that can be downright embarrassing! So always rearrange your creases just before getting up so that they are in proper shape when you stand up.

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(Guest Post by Tanvi)

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  1. Experts suggest that you consider positioning your thighs horizontal with your knees at about the same level as your hips. Rest your feet comfortably on the floor or on a footrest if you need one.

  2. Just keep your feet on the floor and your knees together. If you do carry a purse you can keep it in your lap as an extra "barrier" or carry a light jacket or cardigan to drape over your lap

  3. If the skirt is that short.. try reconsidering one more inch or to to it, maybe wear some shorts underneath or last case cenario... travel with a lap scarf....
    One that matches the outfit of course!

  4. Diana9:21 AM

    Sit normal and kinda pull your skirt down some.
    Maybe try to put your bag or your hands on your leg if you want your legs covered some.

  5. cross you ankles and keep your knees together.

  6. Vimala9:23 AM

    sit on your bed indian style with your back against the wall. put the laptop on your lap and there you go.

  7. Yuvaraj9:25 AM

    all... as long as you are comfortable
    aur apna pet andar ho

  8. Kavya9:30 AM

    What is the healthy way when sitting at a computer all day?

  9. Shalini9:31 AM

    Get a good chair that supports your back and helps you keep good posture. If you slouch all day and have bad posture it will cause bad back problems in the future.

  10. Komal9:20 AM

    How do you sit down in a miniskirt ?

  11. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Bend at the knees until you're about halfway to the seat then turn your legs (if you're knees are facing someone that might get a good look) away from anyone. Bending at the waist will expose your bottom and sitting straight down without turning away will give the Britney shot! Hose? they still even sell hose? Just kidding. I just think they are bad for female hygiene and serve no purpose except to advertise that you're covering something up. Maybe tights (sweater tights or patterned ones are hot and you'll look like you're trying to stay warm!) or even footless leggings are popular right now. Especially with some jbk (just below the knee) slouchy or bulky boots, Uggs, or flats w/ the leggings. If that doesn't make you feel more comfortable, go for a skort without the obvious underpants!

  12. With miniskirts I can just sit and pull it up from the hem on the toilet sit but with the full-length lskirts, it gets discomforting pulling it up from the hem and keeping it all bunched up around my waist.

  13. Anonymous9:24 AM

    When you sit wearing a long skirt do this way
    When you bend down to sit, rub your skirt against your butt (I'm serious) down to about the area in the back of your knees and then sit. This will prevent your skirt from getting wrinkled and it looks neater.

  14. Kavita9:50 AM

    If you work in an office and use a computer, you can avoid injury by sitting in the right position and arranging your desk correctly.

  15. Anonymous9:58 AM

    When you are sitting it is important to sit upright with elbows and arms on your chair or on the desk. It is very important that when getting out of a chair, it is vital to adopt the correct standing procedure. Very simply, stand up by straightening your legs rather than bending at the waist. Once standing, why not undertake some easy stretch exercises for the back to assist is warming the dormant muscles.

  16. Pratibha10:03 AM

    How do I go from standing to sitting on the floor gracefully?

  17. If you are flexible you can try sliding into a split to get down and do a fan kick to cross your legs and stand up from there.

  18. back up against a support ( a wall or pillar).
    Use that as a support as you slide down.
    You can also hold that position (about 1/2 the way down) and hold that position as long as you can.That isometric exercise will strengthen your legs


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