Grace in Gait

Walking style differs from person to person. This is influenced by body structure, habits, upbringing and environment. Grace in one's gait definitely adds attraction to one's personality.

woman walking gracefully
A graceful gait can add to one's charm. It also reveals character.

Sophisticated people take great pains to cultivate a good walk. For actors, models, beauty contestants, brides-to-be and public figures, it is important to have poise while walking.

Even for an ordinary woman, a good walking style is necessary. Gait reveals the character of a person. The majority do not bother to take notice of the defects in their style or to rectify them. This is improper. One must try to learn good things and apply them in one's life.

The various ways of walking:

Walking straight, looking ahead, with arms parallel to the body and open hands - fingers slightly curved inward, normal pacing of steps with natural poise. - A gentleman / lady's style.

Walking with downcast eyes. - Feigning modesty.

Walking with a drooping head. A harassed/subservient personality.

Walking with a stiff neck, serious face and clenched hand. - A snob.

Frequently looking backwards or sideways as if being shadowed. - A nervous character with a complex.

Walking fast taking long steps. - Overtaker / in great hurry. Show off.

Very slow pacing. - Feminine trait, dispirited.

Swinging arms back and forth / sideways (inward or outward). - An acrobatic walk.

Moving body alternatively to the right and left with each step. - Overweight, arthritic.

Clasping hands behind one's back as one walks. - Meek, indecisive, subordinate.

Crossed arms in front over the chest. - Self-centred, overbearing.

Walking fast in rhythm with arms and hands straight. - A drill.

Walking bent with a curved back. - Stupid spine.

High-heels walk. - Gaining height but having to do a balancing act. (Good chances of slipping with an uncertain chance of falling gracefully into someone's arms :) )

Moving each buttock up and down alternatively. - A come-hither walk.

The walk of the flat-footed and bow-legged. - Structural defect.

Sari slipping out of the petticoat at the back. - Hubby to take care of it.

Holding the folds of the sari in one hand in front while walking. - A feminine trait.

Sari's pallu frequently slipping off the shoulder. - Tricky.

Smart walking wearing tight jeans. - Teenage walk.

Manner of walking

Everyone of us, irrespective of age and sex, is capable of improving one's manner of walking. Just mark those who have a graceful gait. Notice how they bear their bodies, pace their steps and how they tread. Try to imitate their style. Practice and patience will bear fruit. Soon, others will start taking notice of the change in you and comment favourably.

How should one hold one's head while walking? Take a cue from women labourers / village women who walk carrying water pitchers of fuel-wood on their head. See how they balance their load while walking.
women carrying water pitchers on their head
Pic Source
It is not necessary for the well-off urbanite to learn balancing by carrying a pitcher or a bundle of sticks. They can undertake the exercise by walking in their garden / terrace / room with a book / an apple / a utensil on their heads.

Within a few days, they will become expert in not dropping their head-loads. Unconsciously, they will learn the proper way to hold their heads, necks and backs. Also read Good posture gives you grace.
balancing book on head for better posture
Many of us are not aware that the movement of our arms is not uniform while walking; the right arm is more active, swings faster and in a longer arc. By taking note and corrective measures, we can activate our left arm to match the right arm in movement. When both are in harmony, the manner of walking is automatically improved.

Generally, boys take longer steps than girls while walking. After marriage, the first adjustment needed between the spouses is in pacing to avoid the common but embarrassing situation of the wife trailing the husband. The husband should try to slow down and wife should accelerate her steps so that they keep in tune with each other. Practice should start right during the honeymoon.

How is one to know one's defects in gait if nobody points them out? Walk before a full mirror in your home in different outfits with an introspective mind. You will find a good critic in yourself. Then take remedial steps.

A beautiful face, a proportionate figure and a graceful gait are the cherished desires of every girl and the longing of every suitor.

(Guest Post by Sarita)

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  1. Santoshi7:03 PM

    U need a small thin towel and a round bottom medium vessel filled with water. Ready, here we go - twist and make the towel into a round object, place it on your head, keep the vessel filled with water over the towel on your head. Balance it properly and start moving slowly towards the other end of the room without holding it with either hands. See that ur movement does not spill the water. Practise this and lo and behold, you have a new walking style within one week. When u r walking, always imagine that the water filled vessel is on your head and you should not let it fall.

  2. Try some Tai Chi Chuan, or ChiGong, or relax into learning yoga. More awareness of your body will help loads.
    Watch other people walk. Imitate them. But not infront of other people.
    Stretching will do the most good. Running, some martial arts, things like that.

  3. you could take some ballet classes and learn some grace or just simply walk standing up straight, in the middle strides (not super short but not long either), shoulders back and your chin up, but don't think about it too much cuz then you will look stuck up

  4. I prefer a balance of beauty between the face and body but I'm pretty open to varying definitions of "beauty". But that's just at first - personality can change that first impression very quickly.

  5. Face and body need to mix, that's my view. If the head don't fit the body, there ain't a damn thing in the world you can change about that. But all the rest is removable thanks to Hollywood, Ca. The place you get B E A U tiful in the plastic way of the world.

  6. Suvarna7:20 PM

    The eyes are the windows to the soul. In face-to-face situations my first impression of a person is based on eye contact, as well as, observations of facial expressions, gestures and body language. Whether or not the other person could be characterized as physically "attractive" or "beautiful" when it comes to facial features or body type, what I see when I look into their eyes and whether or not their facial expressions, gestures and body language are congruent with what they are saying to me is key to my first impression of them. Self confidence, a smiling face, honesty and a good nature are what attracts me to others.

  7. along with the eyes, a genuine smile pulls me in!

  8. Katrina7:23 PM

    face - are they smiling and do their eyes smile when the lips do...
    a good sense of humor is vital for me whether male or female as
    humor makes or breaks a person for me.


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