About Face: Essential Ingredients for the DIY Facial

The season's changing, and that means mother nature is probably wreaking havoc on that pretty skin of yours. Your summer tan is fading, and dry, damaged skin has nowhere to hide. It's time to get out some beauty essentials and whip up a great, natural, at home facial. Do I really need to give you an excuse to take some time out and pamper yourself, though? I didn't think so, but I'll help you out anyway. I read through scientific journals so you don't have to, to figure out only the best ingredients for this ultimate DIY facial.
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Castor Oil
You can pick up a small bottle of this clear oil from your supermarket for under ten dollars. It's a veggie oil made from the Castor bean, and will make up the base of your facial. While it may seem not-so-appealing to put oil on your face, stick with me here. Castor oil contains a compound called Ricinoleic acid, which will smooth and moisturize skin that's been roughened by the changing weather. Put half a cup of Castor oil into a small pot on your stove--this will be the starting point of your facial.

Basil (Tulsi)
Get a small bunch of basil (Tulsi) from the grocery, and resist the urge to immediately pound the fragrant leaves into tasty pesto. Basil contains compounds that are great for acne and pimples, and will help the unlucky many of us who don't naturally have baby smooth skin. The oils in basil leaves act as anti-inflammatory agents, calming down puffiness. And, its antimicrobial properties will keep dirt and bacteria from making more zits pop up in the future.

For preparation, you want to take about 6-8 basil leaves and cut them into small pieces. Pound them briefly with a mortar and pestle if you have one, but the bottom of a coffee cup works fine as well. Add the mush to the Castor oil that's on your stove, and turn on low heat. Stir the mixture for about 5 minutes, then remove and let it completely cool.

Green Tea
Green tea is like an anti-aging miracle drug. Its powerful antioxidants eat up free radicals, the things that cause skin cells to age and become wrinkly. These antioxidants will literally make your skin stronger, by reinforcing their cell walls. For your facial, brew a cup of green tea, and let it cool to room temperature. Add a quarter cup of the tea to the cooled-off basil and Castor oil mixture.

Aloe Vera
The last ingredient in our multi-faceted facial is something that will help protect your skin for the future. Aloe is full of several B vitamins, vitamin C, and many minerals. Together, these nutrients will help soothe and regenerate your skin, to protect it against dryness and the assault of the seasons.

Add 2 tablespoons of aloe vera to the rest of your facial mixture and stir thoroughly. Do not be afraid of the goopy mess you've created! It's full of revitalizing nutrients that will address several different skin issues at once. Apply a thin layer to your face, and leave it on for 30 minutes. Rinse off, and voila! Healthier, nurtured skin.

Joy Paley is a guest blogger for An Apple a Day and a writer on earning your nursing degree  for the Guide to Health Education.

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  1. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Green tea- Antioxidants also appear to boost the body to heal alone by prompted cell restoration on its own. When cells are repaired and renewed then the human body obviously looks better and more fresh. Using green tea for anti aging has many advantages in this way and can keep the skin, hair, and other features looking younger for longer.

  2. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Green tea stimulates good digestive wellbeing. This means that a person can be more healthy overall because the digestive tract can affect the way an individual feels and can also affect many other facets of their health.

    When the digestive system is not working properly then toxins and other harmful enzymes can build up in the body and cause premature aging. Using green tea for anti aging means flushing these items from the body more often so they do not result in cell damage as well as feelings of sluggishness and a lack of energy. Therefore an individual may simply feel more healthy overall and may find that they suffer lesser effects of aging

  3. Expert5:56 PM

    green tea formulations reduce sun damage. Green tea appears to exert sun damage protection by quenching free radicals and reducing inflammation rather than by blocking UV rays. Therefore, green tea may synergistically enhance sun protection when used in addition to a sunscreen.

  4. Anonymous5:59 PM

    For moisturized skin that feels fresh morning to night, mix fresh basil extracts with avocado and olive oil. This try-at-home paste may be messy, but your skin will thank you. While it might be tasty on toast points in the kitchen; it’s for external use only in the bath. You will find wonderful products that have done all the messy mixing for you, so all you have to do is enjoy fresher, tighter skin.

  5. Beauty starts from within. If your body is not as healthy as it can be on the inside, it can show up in the appearance of your skin. Castor oil is recommended for relief from constipation

  6. Ronny6:03 PM

    Uses for Castor Oil in Beauty--For Acne Treatment,
    in Hair Care, and Rough Areas on Skin


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