Birkenstocks with Socks - a fashion faux pas?



Birkenstocks with socks?
Are you kidding?

Birkenstocks with socks

While many see nothing wrong  with this combination, I just can't bring myself to wear socks with sandals. Floaters/Sandals  with socks, according to me, are a ticket to fashion hell and wearing floaters at work is an anathema. So, totally avoid this fashion faux pas. Summer sandals look good with pretty feet and painted toes. Never mind the freezing air-conditioning, there isn't an option.

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(Guest Post by Dhanya)
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  1. Robert5:32 PM

    Going over the fact that I consider sandals ugly and unflattering on almost anybody….wearing socks with them just makes the person repugnant in my eyes….I can overlook the old people doing it since they don’t care about their looks and so..but people younger than 50….god..I’ve stopped some people on the street and told them you don’t do it and I got the crazy!

  2. Anonymous5:33 PM

    I completely agree with not wearing socks with sandals. In fact, I found it such a fashion faux pas that after watching a co worker walk into a meeting at my company wearing them with slacks

  3. wearing socks with sandals is just pratical and comfortable and in the outdoors, that equals stylish. Don’t confuse showing up at a business meeting with hanging around the campfire at the beach. Plus one big added bonus of socks with sandals. Less stink! Having said that, sandals and knee socks? No! Never! But sandals with some cool cycling socks or some low-cut wooly hiker socks! You Betcha. What says Northwest outdoor hipster like wooly grays and Birkenstocks. Rock on!

  4. Peter5:34 PM

    Socks and sandals just DON'T GO TOGETHER. People who do wear both probally have bad fashion sense.
    Sandals are meant to go on bare feet, and shoes are more comfortable w/ socks.

  5. Fashion is the art of conforming faster than anyone else.

  6. Anonymous5:38 PM

    An intellectual is someone whose mind watches itself.

  7. Peter5:41 PM

    Wearing socks with sandals is like wearing a condom when you're alone. I figure if you do one, you do the other, and I don't want to know the why of either!

  8. Alwin5:41 PM

    To keep warm?
    To keep clean?
    To prevent friction burns?

  9. Simon5:42 PM

    If someone is wearing socks, sandals and shorts then its +1 to the doofus roll if they have the socks all the way up to the knees. Mmmmmm, lovely.

  10. Wearing socks with sandals looks old fashioned. it is a cause of reduce our personality so I am not in the opinion of wearing socks with sandals.


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