Kareena Kapoor's beauty crime or a bad beauty habit that very few know about!

Style diva Kareena Kapoor guilty of a beauty crime or a bad beauty habit?  
Now she is always impeccably dressed and her makeup is near-perfect most of the time, how could she ever commit a beauty blunder? 
Kareena Kapoor's nail biting habit - Kareena Kapoor flaunting her well-manicured hands and immaculately done nails
Kareena Kapoor flaunting her well-manicured hands and immaculately done nails.

BTW, we are neither talking about a makeup or fashion faux pas nor about any wardrobe malfunction on her part but about her obnoxious nail-biting habit
Kareena, it seems, has a strange penchant for biting & chewing nails and disfigures them beyond recognition

In most of her films, we have often seen her flaunting her beautiful nails while making exaggerated hand gestures, probably to show off !
So it's quite shocking to know when she allegedly revealed in one of her interviews that though she loves brightly colored nails, she simply can't help herself from chewing off her nail paint & biting her nails when stressed out.
Kareena Kapoor biting nails - her famous nail biting bad habit
Kareena Kapoor's bad habit of biting nails.

If only we could catch a glimpse of what lies beneath those pretty nail extensions and artificial nails that she sports on her well-manicured hands ....
Now Bollywood stars are also human beings and are prone to weird habits or bizarre routines and it's totally relatable! 
That's why it becomes all the more important not to hanker after their looks or put them on a pedestal!
Seems like all those gorgeous looks are a result of  hours spent at an exotic spa, expensive makeup by renowned makeup artists and of course Botox & cosmetic surgery! Otherwise, they look as ordinary as the average Joe or Jane on the street!

So the story behind immaculately done nails, is the application of acrylic nails & not healthy, natural nails!
I personally feel that this nail biting bad habit of Kareena / Bebo is truly disgusting and that she should do something to get rid of it.
kareena Kapoor's bad beauty habit - kareena clapping

 Over to you

Do you have any such disgusting, bad beauty habit? Are you too guilty of beauty crimes? Did you try to do anything about it? Do share in your comments.

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  1. Pallavi9:31 AM

    Going to bed with my make up is a beauty crime.

  2. hair extensions!

  3. Christina9:34 AM

    once i plucked my eyebrows really badly so i had to wait for them to grow back lol


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