Interesting Makeup Facts

Did you know that...
woman applying makeup
* Frosted makeup is created by adding Bismuth oxychloride, which is synthetic pearl, to the pigments?
* Egyptians and Chinese wore makeup colors based on social class? In 600 BC, gold and silver were the royal hues. People who wore them despite not being from the royal family were punished with death.
*Extreme measures were the norm in early Babylon, where women wore lipsticks created by crushing semi-precious stones?
* Malachite was used as raw material by the Egyptians for producing green eye paint? The gemstone was grounded and then mixed with water, gum and fats, then applied as eyeliner.
* Nostradamus had an intriguing sideline in making skincare products containing gemstones? His most famous client was the legendary beauty Diana de Poitiers - the mistress of King Henry II of France.
* Silver is very cooling and that's why homemade kaajal is usually stored in a silver box - so that it takes on the cooling quality from it?
* Centuries ago, a concoction prepared by Ayurvedic practicioners -dry powdery surma was made from real seed pearls that cooled the eyes and made them lustrous?
* Amber Elixir is a favourite beauty ingredient in European countries?  It's said to smooth and nourish the skin, add elasticity, and offer protection from sun's rays.
(Compiled by Smitha)

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  1. Anonymous8:52 AM

    wearing makeup will not cause premature aging nor will it cause your skin to stop producing oil. If your skin stops producing oil it's because of something hormonal or just from naturally aging. If your skin is dry in the first place, makeup with oil in it is going to be great for you because it'll keep your skin nice and hydrated and it will actually prevent some wrinkling because dry skin tends to wrinkle faster than oily skin.

  2. Reema4:55 PM

    Always remove cosmetics at the end of the day. Don't sleep with cosmetics on your face. They can smear your pillow and may lead to irritation of skin, as well as become more resistant to removal the following day. Gently wipe away all vestiges of cream, powder, liner and rouge to leave your face clean and fresh.


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